I am Batmom.. 33 year old vegan personal chef, mother, fiancé, fitness fanatic and entrepreneur and well all around self professed bad ass unicorn woman! I haven’t always been this confident who I am….two years ago I was Shayla…31 year old…MOM. After my second child I had these moments where I would just breakdown crying because I was terrified of being “just a mom.”There’s something about your 30’s that forces you to self examine. You have these moments where you try to define yourself, and at that point the title mom just seemed so stagnant and bleak.

The second time around I just felt like I wasn’t doing it right. I started to look at all areas of my life. I was a mom, a fiancé, a nurse but I didn’t feel like anything defined me. I woke up one morning and decided to go natural, I cut out my weave and presented myself to world and felt free.

My whole life I’ve been obsessed with Batman. Like Batman I lost both my parents tragically at a young age, and like Batman I struggled to cope with my life after the death of my parents.

I loved that Batman had it all. The best cars, the best gadgets, the best house..and he had Alfred. Batman also knew who he was..he was Bruce Wayne billionaire, playboy, philanthropist he was everything and he had a purpose rid the world of injustice while wearing a sexy black leather outfit. I could see myself in so many parallels of myself in Batman and Bruce Wayne (obviously not the billionaire, philanthropist but I mean… I gots a job!)

I had no purpose…I wasn’t ridding the world of injustice I was barely existing. I was battling depression after my second child was born I couldn’t get the weight off and I became pregnant and lost the baby at 9 weeks.

I was struggling to mentally maintain. So I started a Facebook group called “Fit Moms”it was a fitness support group and it was just what I needed..

It was just me at first I added a few mom group friends and I just kept spreading the word and it grew to over 5 thousand women.

That group was my baby and helped me discover veganism.

I went vegan and discovered I had to learn a new way to cook! Cooking vegetables, fruits, nuts and grain is a lot different than cooking meat.

I went into the kitchen and fell in love with vegan cooking. It sparked something inside me.

I started a business in my town selling weekly prepared vegan meals, my business became a stream of revenue for my family. I began to cook, take pictures of my own food, and post the recipes and it felt good.

I get excited about food. Just as much as I get excited about fitness. Veganism got me to slow down, taste my food, learn my seasonings. I spend time on my recipes trying to get them to taste like foods I remember.

I have southern roots so it was a must to learn to recreate the soul food dishes of my family.

I took time to learn and cooked dishes from all over the world, posting my food and gaining followers from just pictures of my food. The food that I make I think of like my children. I dream of those recipes, write them down, so the journey in the kitchen is like a dance!

It’s art and when I finally plate it for my family and they smile there’s no feeling that can touch it. I started posting the recipes I created and people were loving them….I felt like a vegan Batman…ridding the world of the thought that vegan food is bland and tasteless!

No sir! Not in my kitchen! I started a vegan soul food Sunday and got my family excited about fitness and vegan food…in doing so I got excited about myself. I discovered that it’s ok to be a mom, there’s so much power in the title than I thought. Moms are like Bruce Wayne we can run the world, rock a killer suit, drive the nicest cars but deep down we all want to find our passion and our purpose. I’ve found mine…I love to talk about food, family and fitness so if you’re into those F words and occasionally the other then I’m the mom for you😊

This blog will be a journey through my kitchen, through my life and through my career as blogger.

Here’s my links to catch up with me on social media

Instagram @batmom8503



  1. OMG!!!!!! I AMSO PROUD IF YOU!!!!! Your journey is just beginning and off to a running Good Start…This Blog/Vlog is everything BTW…I am definitely here ro support all of this positive energy you are presenting!!!! Keep Living, Keep Loving and Keep Cooking❤❤❤❤❤❤

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  2. Yeeeees! I am here to watch you succeed Queen! You are such a strong woman…an amazing mother. I am SO excited for you Shayla!! Shine your light on the world!

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    • Thank you so much!! Awww you’re going to make cry. This little blog took me a long time to get to but I’m happy I’m doing it and thank you for following me girl


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