Life with a pint sized dictator.

I have two children. Two daughter. Two stunning daughters. My oldest Brooklyn…was carved by angels! Slept through the night, potty trained by 18 months, I could go on and on my on with how perfect Brooklyn was…in fact I did just that! In every mom group when I was pregnant with my second child I only had my perfect little Brooklyn to compare motherhood too so I just figured….I kept Brooke alive and awesome for 10 years I figured Christy would be a piece of cake…she was…a piece of cake with a dynamite in it! Omg! This baby girl had Colic, eczema, food allergies born early…I felt like my know it all cockiness with Brooklyn was coming home to roost with little Christy. I haven’t slept since pregnancy…Christy had so many skin and feeding issues we co-sleep (I work as pediatric LVN in home and work hours are EARLY…0430 early😩 so co-sleeping just worked plus I’m a hippie dippy granola mom ✌🏾 I’m all for co-sleeping!)

Christy was a high maintenance/ high needs baby that I literally had to wear in my moby or carry on my hip or she we scream…it was wonderful😒 well Christy has grown into a sassy, hilarious, fun loving little baby who enjoys beating her older sister with everything, pretending she’s cooking in the toilet. She love singing at the top of lungs to Moana (she doesn’t speak much but she can belt “I AM MOANA!!!!” Like she’s Kelly Clarkson) Christy loves men! It’s the funniest thing I’ve ever seen really, Christy is a daddies girl so she just prefers men and makes it very clear, if a woman is on tv she scrowls but if Bruno Mars or Drake comes on the tv…happiness and bliss take over the land because princess Christy has seen her a man honey!!!

Most of the time Christy is fun and games you typical toddler terror but lately her reign has been different…she’s added the word “mine” and I swear I live with the seagull from “finding Nemo” mixed Gollum from Lord of the Rings…Christy doesn’t speak much. We call her silent bob so when she does say a word she like acts it out so “mine” isn’t just “‘ mine” it’s chest clutching, sippy throwing..(she cusses is out in her baby language swear to Buddha!) she elongates the vowels, she drags her body across the floor and half the time stuff isn’t hers…I find myself muttering “Toddlers are sooo weird man” over and over.

I feel like a war torn country people…I keep hearing about the terrible two’s and you know what I thought they were a myth because I had Brooklyn first! She was so easy…besides that whole congenital heart defect (Brooke has tetralogy of fallot and has had several heart surgeries…but she didn’t have the terrible two’s I’m telling you she was perfect!) Christy came in a time in my life where I’m more adjusted, more patient more in tune with life and goals but all it takes is a moody toddler with the words “mine” and “no” on repeat that make you question your sanity and run to open the nearest bottle of champagne. I’m just trying to figure out where she learned it🤣 and the way she says it with so such authority and conviction…hell you just end up caving and giving her the objective because the “mine” seemed sooooo passionate! Both of my children are a gift…Christy might be a gift for a small country in need of dictator in the future. Currently she’s attempting to remove a bracelet from her sister by any means necessary…I have about 2 minutes before Brooklyn launches Christy across the living room…it’s going to be a good weekend I can’t tell☺️🥂💨🤣


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