Ode to Field Roast

I became vegan about a year ago but I’ve been cooking my entire life. When I first went vegan I made out mock meat by hand, using grain, oats black beans carrots all natural ingredients you can’t go wrong!I joined many vegan groups and kept hearing people talk about Field roast products, the reviews were always like super Uber rave reviews…I love trying new vegan products so I set out on journey and the first time I tried Field roast was to make Vegan gumbo…my family is from the south and you have to have gumbo to ring in the new year…this was my first time making the gumbo 👀annnnd it was VEGAN…needless to say I had a lot of pressure on me to make a mean pot of vegan gumbo for meat eating gumbo eatersI used the Italian sausage….I was hooked! It cooked so well! It taste so amazing! I don’t know what kind of voodoo magic they used but those grains and whatever that sausage is made up of made me in instant fan!! I needed more! I needed to know what other products they had…low and beholdfields roast also makes a breakfast sausage perfect for all my brunching needs! My favorite sport is brunch. When I went vegan I thought I lost the option of breakfast sausage but I didn’t! Field roast was there..like any smart person when you find good sausage you stay….I then discovered THE APPLE SAGE SAUSAGE! It made my vegan gumbo POPit popped so much I started stalking Field roast on instagram (what can I say they gave me good meat I had to stalk them a little!!!!) stared tagged them! Slid in they DM’s I’m not ashamed that “meat” is good!

Of all the products I would say the apple sage is my favorite I’ve made gumbo, paired it pancakes but I even used it in fine dine plating!

Is there nothing field roast can’t do!

I love you Field roast!! Can’t wait to try celebration roast! I plan to cook myself an awesome vegan-versary meal using the field roast celebration roast eeeeeek I can’t wait!!


  1. Love your blog. So proud of you and wishing you tons of success. It’s about time you bring your posts to life with this blog. You always find a way to post a wealth of info in a fun and exciting way.


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