Meal prep like a boss in 6 easy steps

I’ve decided to share my meal prep secrets with the world 🤗I run a fitness group on Facebook called “Fit moms” (Fit moms group) it’s a no sales group to devoted to moms in love with fitness. It’s a group of over 4K women of varying levels of fitness and the question I sedne asked the most is “how do you meal prep?”( I saw this question so often I stared my own business in my town selling vegan meal prepped meals..for the low😏 but that’s another post moving on!) so today I’m here to answer that question here’s how to meal prep like a boss in 6 easy steps.

step 1: Make a grocery list and menu of 3 things you like eating! That’s very important. Variety is the spice of’s also the spice of meal prepping. People complain the most about being bored when they prep meals…well BE CREATIVE! I picked 3 meals to show you. I’m vegan so the examples shown will be vegan. (If you want any of the recipes let me know in the comments and I will post the recipes tomorrow!) the key to successful meal preparation is planning. Make a detailed grocery list. I write down the meals I plan to cook

1. Bow tie pasta salad

2. Chick pea tuna salad

3. Vegan tomato bisque.

my snacks for the week will be

1. Grapes


3. Pretzels

(I like to have options so I don’t get bored and I’m less like to grab something while I’m on the way home from work or on the way to work…if you keep yourself excited about your meals you’re less likely to “cheat” on diet…I don’t like the word cheat and diet this is just how I eat…)


*when you make you list keep in mind…you’re eating this food for a week..#dontbebasic! Be creative with your choices! Lunch is YOUR time..YOUR time should be spent enjoying fun, healthy, colorful foods! When I shop and plan I go in the store with my 15 minute mental vacation in mind. If you don’t want to eat the same thing every day…DON’T! There is no reason to eat that tired old chicken, Brown rice and vegetables.. STOP IT..STOP THAT NONSENSE RIGHT NOW! You can pick whatever you want as long as you control your portions. 41B8CD74-3A6C-4326-A907-B9FB122EDD8A

Step two:…SHOP!

Now that you are armed with a plan your less likely to sway on to other things so again, detailed with the list. I’m doing a very simple a quick meal prep all the meas that will be shown uses 3-5 ingredients’s Sunday no one wants to be in the kitchen all day! Keep it simple when your picking the meals.. less ingredients… LESS CLEAN UP LATER! While your shopping pick up you meal prep containers. I used Rubbermaid take alongs the ones divided in two…helps with portion control. I also picked up some containers for my fruits…I used to used to use ziplocks but that bad news bears for the environment soo I purchased small containers for the fruit and veggie snacks I have planned for the week.


Step three: PREP AND PACK!!!

* For the prep you’ll need some

wine and some Beyoncé….I mean it’s not required…I don’t want to incite drinking issues but the Beyoncé part…that’s non negotiable! You have to remember it takes time to prep and cut your ingredients so make yourself comfortable.

*an organized kitchen is happy kitchen, if you prep and organize and clean as you cook you won’t be so overwhelmed at end. Clean as you go. There is work involved so if you pick simple meals with simple ingredients meal prep isn’t quick. I don’t have any meat to thaw or cook so it only takes me about an hour from prep to plate with THESE MEALS.

Step 4: PACK IT

Step 5: clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere clean up, everybody do your shaaaareeeee

I clean as I go! I’m jamming to YouTube music, I keep it lively! Have fun!! E6C2B322-3E9B-4F33-B531-5AC6F73138EDStep 6:….. that glass of’s time to pour it because you have just succeeded in packing 5 lunches


2 chickpea salad with sides of fruit

2 bow tie pasta with a side of fruit or veggies

1 vegan tomato bisque with fruit or veggies.

congrats!!! You just meal prepped like a boss!!!

leave a comment to let me know if this helped you or not! Have a wonderful day!

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