How to #MONSLAY: 3 Tips to fighting the Monday blues

Everybody hates Monday…I used hate it too! I mean it’s the start of the work week and everything hectic and stressful …it used to be awful, I would bicker to my friends about my hatred of Monday….my friends would bicker to me and off we marched in solidarity with our petty hate if Monday…I have meme albums dedicated to my hate of Monday…poor Monday! Look attitude is everything! I’m going to teach you to #monslay in 3 steps…let’s kick those Monday blues!!


Attitude is everything…if you constantly tell yourself Monday is horrible…HUNTY IT WILL BE! Negative thoughts will kill a positive future. I mentally prepare for Monday, I meditate and repeat this mantra “positive in, negative out” that applies to everything! Positive people IN! Negative people OUT! Positive information IN! Negative OUT! Focus your thoughts on the positive parts of Monday… IT IS THE BEGINNING OF THE WEEK! ANOTHER CHANCE TO LEAVE YOUR MARK ON THE WORLD. Monday is the first day of the week you get to strut boo! You get to show the world YOU! It’s a chance to do whatever you want! You have the same 24 hours as Beyoncé. You may not have her resources but you have the time to plan to take over the world! You are completely in charge or your emotions and what you do with your day.. how cool is that! You can think yourself to a good Monday!

Step 2: Surround yourself with positive things

This is my family’s “Thankful board” every morning we pray and one of us writes down what we are thankful for…every Sunday night I write that I’m thankful for life! I am. The reality is someone didn’t wake up this Monday…but you did! So that’s reason enough to ❤️ Monday! In order to slay the Monday’s excuse me in order to #monslay pop on your favorite tunes on the way to work…once again get that mind right! when you’re online look for positive things. Believe it or not the things you surround yourself with dictate your feeling…if you post negative or sad things chances are…you finna be negative and sad…you have more control over your Monday hate than you think!!

Step 3: SMILE!

The world is not ready for your fierce but when you do walk out the door SMILE and really mean it! Also I’ve heard others say when you first wake up in the morning… just smile. It will naturally build endorphins. So smile and be thankful for waking up this Monday! Figure out what makes you smile, this Monday. That’s really all you need to #momslay… positive attitude, positive things and a smile…that’s the way you slay any day of the week but it’s most important to slay your negative attitude about Monday so you can have the best week ever!!!

Have a great week! Share and let me know what think of my blog🦄❤️😋😋😋

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