This year my resolution was

“To throw love around like confetti,cut out toxic people and to just mind my own business”

I have had the best year of my life to date because I simply let love in, and gave genuine love back….. TO PEOPLE THAT DESERVED IT. The people in your life that matter truly deserve all of your love. When you give true and pure love…oh man you feel so great. I’ve taken time to call friends I haven’t spoken too just say “I’m

Here and checking in on you” I’ve reconnected with family and really filled my love cup enough that I was able to throw it around like confetti in spreading love and spending real quality time with quality people in my life I came to realization that my time matters…if not to anyone else it matters to me. Time is precious and fleeting…and honestly I spend most of it online🤣🤣 that being said I have to be careful of the company I keep, if someone is too negative #deletetheyass2018 I don’t want to see gloom and doom! I’m happy, bubbly queen I need to happy things. I got tired of people complaining for attention and I know I’m the kind of person that can say some things when I’m irritated so instead of keeping those people and there post and energy…I had to cut them loose. People with no aspirations, posting drugs, guns, gangs…I realized I had a lot of “friends” but no quality people…I went through and cut of 400 people the first round and it was almost instant the relief I felt from no longer viewing negativity….I like babies, memes and cat videos…I don’t to see fights! I want to see love! I like to see people win! I love social media, it’s my happy place…so I keep it happy and I’ve never been happier!

There were some friends that it really hurt to delete and that’s because I was putting time and energy into people who were unable and willing to do the same for me. Some times it’s hard to let go of old friends…even internet friends…internet friends are real. My best friends are people I’ve met online these past few years. I’ve struggles with severe anxiety disorder so it’s just easier for me to communicate online. I’ve built deep and lasting friendships with moms in mom groups which made it harder to cut ties at time but I had to look and see “are these relationships adding value to me and my time online?” If they weren’t #deletetheyass2018. You have to think about yourself as a garden and you have to prone dead leaves in order to grow. Make room for genuine friends.

I’m addicted to reality tv because I have no drama in my life….because I mind my business! I’m too busy at home figuring ways to love the people that matter, I’m too busy sending sweet memes to my internet friends to make them smile, I’m busy out here being happy…when you’re truly happy in your life you don’t see the drama and honestly you don’t want to see the drama..it drains you…when your happy, truly happy drama takes a toll on you the only drama I want is from Andy Cohen and Bravo. I don’t have time for that. Life is too short to be anything but happy! Keep it cute or keep it on mute…if you must judge…do it silently 🤷🏾‍♀️😏

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