My 2nd job is a full time lifestyle blogger…and I’ve never been happier to work 2 jobs.

I have two jobs…by day I’m a pediatric Lvn. I care for a 16 year old young woman with autism and seizure disorder. She and I are inseparable. We go to her high school together. I sit in the back and tell the students “I’m just here to medically stalk her…pay me no mind” in the back of the class I would read, and bond with her paraeducators. I started a business selling them vegan lunches I prepared myself. Business was great, life for me and my patient was amazing! Then she’s started having seizures around the holidays. The seizures have become so severe she’s home bound. With her being home bound often I started a Facebook group in order for myself to stay motivated. its hard to find a reason to work out when you have two kids, a husband, a job…I just had so much happening I was overwhelmed and didn’t want to bother people with my issues so I started a group hoping maybe there was a couple women like me. That wanted to learn about fitness and wanted to grow but didn’t want to be pestered into buying a shake or a tea or a wrap or leggings or anything! I had just suffered a miscarriage I just had so much inside I needed to vent so but didn’t want to bombard my Facebook followers so I started fitmoms

I learned I wasn’t alone. There were moms who were just like me. Varying level of dedication to fitness but I Fit nonetheless 🤣 my patient would ask “what are they saying in that group?” Or “how many members do you have now” and we would be shocked and watch it grow. This Friday she was Crocheting and watching YouTube and I purchased a book that changed my life

It was a 7 day guide to starting a blog. I read it in an hour an implemented all the steps and purchased a blog, I prayed, I spoke privately to some friends..I suffer from severe social anxiety disorder so I’m always second guessing myself, and never acknowledge my potential or the fact that even I have a passion for writing…I never told anyone because I figured no one would care what I had to say. I’ve journaled for years, was published in a local school poetry contest anyway..I’ve always loved to write but living with anxiety is like living in prison in your own mind so people would say “Shayla you need to start a blog” and I would say “I can’t I have not computer, no tech skills” but Marina’s book taught me all I needed was passion, motivation and a dream and I had that!summer of this year I began to post the vegan meals I was creating…nothing else just food and my children…people liked my food. That gave me the spark I needed and this book just lit a fire that I couldn’t control. My patient and her mom are used to me sitting quietly in the corner on my phone cracking jokes but this Friday I turned to her mother and nana and said “I’m going to start a lifestyle blog I want to be like Wendy Williams or Perez Hilton” and my work nana said “then go on do you do it what’s stopping you, if you fail so what at least you tired but you will never know if you don’t try” and I so I tried.I started this blog on Friday after I read a book and here I am. I don’t have many followers I’m aware of that, but I plan long term and this is what I want for my future. I’m taking my time to learn my craft and for the first time in my life I feel complete. I don’t know where this will lead. I just want people to read my work…hell I just want people to read period! As I type and I feel this joy…I woke up at 3 am to research how to gain followers genuinely. I was buying books to learn about photo editing because…up until Friday I was just a home Health Lvn that liked to write. I’m so proud of this little blog because it’s mine. I don’t own Facebook or Instagram and I’ve poured so much time and effort into those post that I don’t own…but I OWN THIS BLOG. Who knew a little website purchase could give you the catalyst you need to chase your dreams. That book was $5.60….best purchase I’ve ever made.

Please follow and continue to watch my journey into lifestyle blogging.

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