My favorite sport is brunch…my second favorite sport is Yelling at Jax/Jason Taylor

I LOOOOVE reality tv. I love it all. You name it I watch…I can’t get enough! One of my top 3 is Vanderpump Rules. I love Lisa. Lisa is life goals, she wears ALL the pink, has ALL of the animals. She’s slender, sassy and as far as I’m concerned she’s the true Queen…

I fell in love with her accent and the way she almost growls and purrs when she speaks, she drips opulence and elegance, she smells like money through the tv hunty! I work a lot…I mean a lot and the one thing I look forward too after a hard day is making a mimosa, getting comfortable and yelling at Jax Taylor

I know this is like 2,3,4 noses jobs ago.. but this my blog…and THIS Jax the one I like the best!

He was sex on screen and just as nasty as he wanna be…and I couldn’t get enough. Then he did he unthinkable crushed Stasi! WTF! Like do you know in my mind I imagined the Jax/stassi wedding, I like imagined they spawned babies with impeccable bone structure..then he TOOK THAT FROM ME!🤣🤣🤣 I’m bitter!

I can admit it and holding a grudge! I was invested in these beautiful ass people!

Like I was hotter than fish grease! I was in my feelings! He hurt Stassi so he hurt me!Stassi is one of favorites because she’s the blonde bitch I’ll never be! Anyways back to JaxEvery season I say “F-Jax I’m not following his story line…he’s only going to hurt me! He ain’t gonna do right!” But every season I get sucked in! Now he’s Jason.. not Jax and he’s finna leave Brittany for the Rafiki coach I can feel it in gullet! (I know I don’t have a gullet but Jax’s makes me so mad I swear I grow one!)

Brittany is so perfect and this week we got to see her little booty in the jacuzzi…and I was like as much as hate Jax…I’m starting to Hate Rob… and it’s not his fault! It’s Scheana!

She’s killing me! She’s too pretty to be that damn desperate! Girl…you look sad.

It’s like watching someone do something embarrassing and you get embarrassed just watching them..that’s how I feel when she’s like “omg…ROB BREATHES OXYGEN”

lordt🙄 just had to release that…again back to Jax! Sooo what kind of Twitter, back page job is he leaving to in Florida?!!

I don’t know what I’ll do if he leaves! Yelling at Jax is my release! It cathartic! I used to yell because well you know he was a WHOLE hoe!

but now I’m yelling because… Jax is getting too old to be doing this stuff!

Steven Wonder can see he’s about to leave Brittany and goes throw him a birthday OH FIX IT JESUS…can’t wait till next week🤗


Over the summer I tweeted about Jax.. and he tweeted me back!

Jax tweeted me and I died!!!😩 life complete!

This summer I started a twitter account for my blog and I happened to be missing yelling at Jax and he tweeted me back.. my whole life is complete!

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