My Journey to 1k instagram followers.

My journey into blogging as a career began Friday. I purchased this site, I purchased several books and every book basically stated the same thing…when it comes to being an online influence and building a brand. Numbers matter. Brands and other collaborators will not take your seriously if you don’t have a following. I started out around 558 Instagram followers but some brands won’t even look at you until you have 1k. I want this to be career, I’m trying to make this my life. ..all the time. I finally found my calling and I have this desire to succeed unlike any I’ve ever had before… on Monday I posted to my personal Facebook account “by this time next week I will have 1k followers” (I’m very big on prayer and placing positive energy and thoughts into the universe I wholeheartedly believe if you believe in yourself and work hard you can accomplish anything…

That being said when I set a goal I become

Obsessed with it. It’s 305am in California, lifetime is on in the background, I’m sandwiched between my fiancé and toddler with dimmer than dim iPhone, editing photos, networking, downloading every piece of literature I can find on organically growing your Instagram following. I don’t just want numbers. I want people to interact with me. I’m doing this because I genuinely love social media. I’ve made lasting friendships, met my fiancé through social media, social media is literally my whole life. I have folders dedicated to memes (countless memes…I’m the meme and .gif queen HUNTY 💅🏿) I slide in my online buddies DM’s I really enjoy myself online so I want to find followers that do the same. I never knew all the time and effort that goes into brand marketing, brand building and creating blog. To be honest with you since I’ve made the goal I’ve gained 72 followers! But I have never worked so hard in my life!

Did you know there’s certain time of day to post? ANNNND…colors can mentally lead people to follow you…(instagram is science af😂🤣👏🏾) I’ve purchased read more books about blogging and gaining REAL Instagram followers since Friday I could my PhD in instagram ok!🤣 I’ve earned this new respect for people that do this for a living…. I want to be them so bad. I’ve never wanted something more in my whole life. Every follow I get I dance a little inside (I call it internally Twerming…it’s twerking mixed with the worm…I can only do it in my mind…that’s why it’s internal twerming duh🙄😂) I’ve put so much time, energy and love into this passion new career path. I’m so excited for this journey. I’m loving everything about it. I’ve submerged myself completely into the world of blogging and social media marketing…I come from the medical field. The last 10 years of my life I’ve been taking vitals and passing meds. So studying the psychosocial algorithms of instagram and web page editing is just a touch out of my scope of practice and waaaaaaay outside my comfort zone …..but I’m hooked. I want it so bad I can taste it. The sooner I get to 1k the sooner I can actually present myself to brands , and reach out to my favorite bloggers, chefs, companies for collaboration. I have form letters on deck to request interviews, I’m sooo ready…I’m so close to 1k I can taste it. I’m like hungry beast and those follows are prey…I will stop at nothing to reach this goal! Currently I’m at 632 and I can’t sleep because my mind just wants to work but my body is like “😒 you have a WHOLE toddler to chase in 3 hours…go to bed”….I’m going to succumb to my body and drift off to sleepif you’re not already doing so…please follow me on Instagram.

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