Iambatmom85: My 2nd week at my 2nd full time job in social media.

I have so much to say I don’t even know where to start! Ok well I’ve landed affiliation with 3 brands!!

I became an Affiliate of Amazon, Mara Mila swim annnd Limitless Wrist! I also decided if I’m taking this seriously I need to get organized!

I designated an are of my hour to write out my blog post dates and times! They say dress for the job you want well I think you have to work for it! So that’s what I’ve been doing! You see every time those free webinars pop up…I attend them and collect the information I need and then listen if I can afford the class or not🤣🤣🤣 if it’s within reason I take the course because the information is useful and there’s not actually college courses for how to be a lifestyle blogger, social media influencers, social media data analysis, social media manager…there’s currently not classes for that…you have to take online courses and read. (It takes money to make money so be prepared to have a little tiny budget for advertising, and educational resources…social media platforms constantly change so it’s important to learn in order to stay head.

The best part of this week has been networking!!! I was hashtag surfing (researching the most popular users of the hashtags in your niche…I’m a lifestyle blogger the most popular lifestyle blogger is… “it’s little Lauren”

I saw her Instagram and I was hooked! I mean I grabbed my family! I was showing them the colors I spent hours just admiring the use of color and the happiness her feed made me feel. I went to her blog and I was engrossed I literally read all of 2014 of this woman’s life. Immediately I hung her up on my vision board. She’s only 21 years old and was a cake decorator that posted her cakes online and because THIS…she lives in London btw…this career has taken me to London in the comfort of my own home.. I guess you can say I studied abroad🧐

I learned you can control the mood of your Instagram with editing and photography prospective!! I’ve decided to be the worlds view my life! I’ve learned so much this week and I’ve earned a bikini, coupons from field roast for a blog a wrote and a chance to review luxury time pieces. I never thought any of this was possible. I’ve learned this week you can literally accomplish any goal you have for yourself if you apply yourself and educate yourself. I’ve never happier and I’m feel so in control of my future because I get to create what I want to do and i just get to live my life for the world to see. I’m blessed. My following has grown to

That’s 148 new followers in the 9 days since I decided to make social media my 2 full time job. I’ve never been more happy and fulfilled. I may never make a dime but the feeling I have from doing what I truly love..priceless.

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