How to #slay veganism in 5 easy steps

I’ve been vegan nearly 2 years now.

I actually went vegan for vanity reason at first. I had just given birth to my 2nd child and the last 15lbs wouldn’t move.

I’m very active I (WAS) working out 4/5 days a week one and two hours a day and I just wasn’t getting the result I thought should have been getting. I’ve tried everything underneath the sun diet wise. I’ve eaten clean, I’ve taken diet pills

(those methy ones you can buy for like $20 a week at “weight loss clinics”…that’s meth..don’t do meth)

I was anorexic.

(it’s something I battle with often but since I went vegan I don’t have food aversion issues…I’ll get to that later)

I have tried every single diet under the sun. You name it, I’ve tried it and got results. Nothing gave me the LIFE changing results of that going vegan has given me. I was born with with high blood pressure and I had been on so many medications to control it since I was 19. I have many vegan friends online, I was constantly seeing things posted that sparked my interest. My sister is vegan and she lives her best life!!


I actually noticed all the vegans in my life lived there best life so I decided I’d give it a month.

I told my family: “I’m going vegan for a month and I need you support”

my family is super understanding and supportive..and they are NOT about to cook…

I cook so I control what we eat so I just wanted them to know…. Their side dishes were going to be vegan for a month 🤣🤣✌🏾

After that first month…I no longer needed blood pressure medication.

I lost allll the baby weight and more and I DIDN’T HAVE TO WORK OUT 4/5 days a week 9000 hours a day.

I just worked out 3 days a week 30 minutes a day

(if that lol most days I just focus on being active I don’t have to work so much to work out my body is ON POINT thanks veganism!)

Not only did I lose weight but my hair grew and my skin got clear

People started to joke that I was aging in reverse!!

It’s been almost 2 years since I decided to go vegan and I’m never going to eat meat again. As I stated before I went vegan for vanity reason but I’m staying vegan for my health and the fact I’m just a compassionate human being..I love animals I don’t want to eat them, or wear their flesh they can eat each other that fine but…I don’t get in other species business so I don’t eat animals 🤣😂 but here’s 5 tips that help me stay vegan when I started out.

1. Submerge yourself in vegan education!!

“Earthlings” was the hardest thing I ever watched. I had to watch in sections because the violence toward animals and because of this documentary I’ll never harm an animal again.

I also constantly watch YouTube videos about vegan lifestyle and vegan cooking here are my favorite youtubers for starting out vegan…

The Colorful vegan doesn’t have many videos but “How to slay Vegan transitioning” is the most beneficial. The tips are amazing and easily adapted to your everyday life.

Cheap Lazy Vegan was the best thing to happen to me! I learned to cook, to budget and be vegan… CHEAP!

The Chic natural taught me to meal prep on a dime! I love this woman! I recommend her if you’re looking for help with meal prep! This is useful even if your not vegan!

Mic the vegan is useful when you get into fights about being vegan… This guy has your information! He’s a vegan myth buster type.

2. Join a Facebook support group!

…you won’t get support anywhere else. People will come out the woodworks to try to unvegan you!! Stay strong join a vegan support group ( join several because some can be judgey and like UBER vegan…you’ll get what I mean in a few months 🤣✌🏾😂) join vegan groups in your town that way you can get insight on where vegan food is in your town.


Carry a tiny cooler like a preschooler with your favorite vegan snacks because you don’t want to be out in them street HANGRY..a HANGRY vegan is not ok…it’s just not ok. Plus there’s not a lot of HEALTHY snack options for vegans on the go so pack your own.


You decided to go vegan…this is a personal choice that being said the world is not set up to cook for you… get familiar with pots, pans, skillets and SEASONINGS…you can still eat everything you ate before you just have to learn to cook it for yourself. Check out my So Delicious Vegan Mac and Cheese recipe for a great vegan Mac and cheese or try my Vegan Gumbo it’s hearty tasty and reminds you vegan cooking is just like regular cooking. You still have comfort food options.

5. Arm yourself with memes

most important tip arm yourself with vegan memes you need the comebacks! Just trust me on this!!

If you are considering going vegan just do it. It’s best choice I’ve ever made for myself and my health.

It’s even trickled into my family. My fiancé lost 56lbs from eating my vegan side dishes. Chris still ate grilled chicken and other meats but he saw weight loss and the positive lifestyle changes and hopped aboard. He even cooks ME vegan meals for date night

If you’ve read this far you been thinking about this for a while so good luck on your journey and don’t be afraid to reach out to me for support on instagram @batmom8503

Have a wonderfulday! ✌🏾❤️🦄🦇


  1. Wow! Amazing benefits. I’m definitely on the vegan fence. I eat meat approx once a week. I also can’t seem to shake cheese but switched to homemade coconut and almond milk years ago. Right now I’m trying to eliminate red meat and will progress from there. Thank you for sharing your journey.


  2. Loved this!!! I am vegan too, because based on my dosha meat brings my energy higher and I just dont need that! I am already a hot head. Vegan is the way to be 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Facts l! When you eat meat you eat eat their anger and emotions I’ve never felt better inside emotionally clear you know.


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