Day 15: My journey into making social media my full time career.

I don’t even know where to start I’m beaming smiling ear to ear in the dark 0240 in the morning on a Saturday and I’m up working

This week has been soooo successful first let’s talk the blog!!

I’m up to 543 visitors. Every time I check those stats I choke up. This blog means so much to me. I love writing! I always have. I just never had the confidence to follow my own dreams…even though I’m constantly telling everyone to follow their dreams. If I would have know buying this blog would have given me this happiness and opened up so many opportunities I would have done this years ago!! This week was my first real week of WORK! I had a phone interview with one of best my friends who Just so happens to be the admin chef at Berkeley (he also cooked for Billy Idol AND Kanye West..but you’ll have to wait till later for today for those juicy tidbits 😊☺️) I did the interview at 0743 in my car on the way to my 9-5

I went to work so happy! I did my first interview!!!! Not only did I get to learn about the insane world being rockstar chef I got to talk to my childhood bestie of 20 years for like 30 minutes, it was so good to hear his voice talk about his wife, child and career…we gushed and joked about finally being balanced and finding happiness in our Career and family. I also learned more about PHOTO EDITING!!!

The keys to social media success is high quality photos I literally spend hours a day in webinars…webinars have become a strange addiction I can’t curb🤣

I found myself scrolling for hours just searching for them…I’m a sponge and I need the information in order for my blog to grow and for me to grow in this industry. There’s not a lot of clear guidelines as to how to do this and you can easily fall trap to the webinars asking for thousands of dollars…don’t pay the money (unless you want to) just get the of the instructors Monica Woodhams actually reached out to me after I spoke about my addiction to her webinars😂😂

As much as I love webinars I was getting burnt out because I would hear words like “media kit” and I was so frustrated because I didn’t know what it was and i didn’t have $1997(yep the course for the woman who’s book catapulted my motivation and sparked my passions her course is $1997 I’m sure it’s awesome I just don’t have that cash to learn from her💅🏿) 🙄 those webinars will really pump you up, then bring you down about yourself because you don’t have an obscene amount of money to purchase their course… i was super discouraged by Wednesday and just on a whim googled “how to make a media kit, blogger, new” there was a million sites offering to make one for $25-$150 but I found the app canva and made one for free

After Rediscovered google 🤣🤣 I went to YouTube and the information i found was free and useful! First I found Jessica Whitaker….a photographer with a huge following giving her tips and email templates FOR FREEEEEE!

So I copied it!! I sent it out it a few brands (fingers crossed I get picked up! Yasss) this lead me into a YouTube rabbit hole!

I found videos that taught me more about photo editing and exactly what apps to use in order for my instagram to look cohesive


All from hard work and organic engagements! I have had a blast! I reached out to my favorite Instagram user @itslittlelauren and she actually wrote back 😱❤️

Ok on to Instagram where I have been focusing all my time and efforts on getting to 1k followers. I’m currently at 835 from 537

I nearly died when she wrote me! I woke up my fiancé and everything! Friday was the best day by far! It was my second full week working in social media and I posted a YouTube, a review of the show grown it, I did a modeling campaign for black entrepreneurs

I got a shirt to model!!

I stepped my edit game Waaaaay up

I learned so many new techniques and I even got to help a few friends with their Instagram accounts. I keep saying I wish I would done this sooner and I really do because I’ve never been happier in my life and about my life. I’m truly blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. To see your dreams unfold it’s indescribable. Starting your own business is the most grueling, intense, beautiful process I’ve ever been apart of. I shy away from saying I’m a businesswoman but at this point I am. I’ve met some amazing people and experienced so much in this 15 days I can’t wait to see where I am one year from now.

I want to take the time to thank every single person that has supported my journey. I want this so bad. This career is my baby that I’m up with every single night. I love social media, I love everything about and the fact I’m building away to make a living from it, I’ve dream of this soo long I’m overwhelmed with happiness. I can’t thank you all enough.

Thank you for following my journey ✌🏾❤️🦄🦇

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