The importance of self care: Treat Yo’ self!

Every weekend rain or shine… I take time to date myself. I run a bath with lavender Epsom salts, I prepare a face mask, dim the lights, put Lavender essentials oils in my diffuser, put the iPod Shuffle on “Reiki Spa shuffle” and I decompress!

I run this blog, I’m growing my instagram, creating content, listening to the ever changing dramatics of a preteen girl, I chase a toddler, work 40 hours a week, cook dinner 4-5 times a week, work out 4 days a week needless to say at the week of I’m ready to relax!

As women we take on these super hero roles but we don’t allow ourselves times to be selfish with our own time. We feel guilty about even taking 10 minutes alone…..WE SHOULDN’T look if you don’t take care of yourself you can’t take care of anyone else. Time is fleeting and women spend their time silently enduring overwhelming schedules and neglecting their own needs for just some simple time alone.

Schedule time for yourself and HONOR IT! Make a date with yourself every week to just treat yourself. I love baths and bubbles! But give yourself at least 30-45 minutes to just do whatever you want to do. Prepare you mind for that time. Get excited about it. Just like you would get excited for a date with your significant other you should be that excited to spend time with yourself. I use that time honestly to do nothing but focus on myself.

“What do I want to accomplish this week?”

“I kinda want to make some tacos next week.”

“Biiiiiitch we gettin thicckkkkkkkk”

You got the point just let your brain travel for whatever YOU want. When you thoughts travel to work, or your man, your kids, your bills…drink more champagne if your following my bath and bubbles method 🤣🤣✌🏾 just kidding just take a breathe and FOCUS ON YOURSELF…it’s not about thing to be selfish about yourself. You give and you give and you give so stop feeling selfish about wanting just a few minutes alone. Don’t just wish for it..DEMAND IT..well let the people that take you care of know “hey…I’m taking some time here to date myself this evening..I just want a little time alone..I’m here but I’m not here so for the. Next (insert time here…if it’s been a rough week sometime I need more time alone 🤣 last night it was about 45 minutes that I wasn’t mom…I was just Shayla in the bathroom relaxing with a good facial mask.

I look forward to these times because I get to unwind. Heart disease is the number one killer of women…we out here dropping like flies because of stresssssss! Our lives are littered with responsibilities and expectations and honestly I look forward to my alone time in my tiny little bathtub with my iPhone in a cup for acoustics..I feel I’m Meghan Markle or somebody when I sip my $5 champagne in the bath..I’m the QUEEN of that old bathtub..I earned every moment alone and savior it. I let my muscles relax…the constant “mom, mom, momming” stops for a few moments, and I can think! NOT ABOUT MY KIDS! About me and let me tell you I started doing this after my second child was born because I was afraid of becoming overwhelmed so I verbally started telling people “Look I’m taking a shag-cation…y’all take this baby and leave me alone” I was breast feeding and frazzled..eating to feed someone is like a full time job and I wasn’t good at it and you can’t make milk if your stressed and making milk is stressful so how you like them apples! I lived for my Shay-Cations! After doing about 6 months I was a new woman. Confident in myself and more deliberate about my time. I don’t have I can’t say my time is money but my time is all I have. I don’t like to spend frivolously I love to be involved in each moment and I don’t know about you but I’m stressed I can’t be present. I’m not present I can’t perform task..and I have A LOT of task to perform. I treat myself like know that my time is important and the second you start doing that you will feel free.

Take sometime this week and find your bubbles and bath…who are you? What do like to do? Take sometime to date YOURSELF…you maybe surprised you might mess around and fall in love. 😍❤️😊😘🦄🦇

Happy Sunday!



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