Today Brooke hosted an event for scholar squad.

Brooke has been planning this event for 2 months….

Me: Hey big one how was the event

Brooke: MOM! Omg this boy tried to beat up the members of the scholar squad! Folks thought they could just come get some free popcorn and just leave! No you are about to enjoy my decorations! You are about to sit your behind down and watch Moana make her way to the oceans. These folks just don’t know how to appreciate a good time! Then want to say I’m on power trip…NO I PLANNED THIS FOR TWO MONTHS AND I WANTED THIS TO BE A NICE EVENT..they were literally grabbing each other’s behinds..and then eating popcorn. In my vision they were like “wow the ambiance and aesthetic are amazing, the sea salt in the popcorn and fishing nets tacked to the walls really helped me understand the movie” but no! No! No! I had to nearly break a nail trying to restrain a heathen stealing popcorn! I can’t wait till I’m in high school and I can plan mature events.

Me:….honey pep rallies are like this ON STEROIDS!

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