My blog is one month old!!!😭 I went to check my insights so I could write my one month update, and I’m sobbing happy tears. I had almost 700 visitors (it said 666 and I wasn’t about to post it 🤣 I’m superstitious like that sorry anywhoo!) My blog has been to countries I’ve never dreamed of going (THANK YOU FACEBOOK ADVERTISING! When I made my ad demographics I picked locations I always wanted to travel and advertised in those countries so so see those countries reading my work and following me. There’s no words. I’m just so happy! So here we go let’s dish! This week I was focused on spiritual growth. One night when I was scrolling for information I found Preete Kumar. Spiritual Advisor to female entrepreneurs

Her Instagram offers a free Spiritual planner to download… I’m all about free downloads (and her stationary and background were pink and just so aesthetically pleasing it was a win-win) I downloaded the being me, I saved it but didn’t fill it out or process it I just liked looking at it…well I decided to take my time and read it and fill it out last week and really apply the planner to my life I have also been a spiritual person. I pray for myself and I pray for others. I’ll be honest I didn’t dive much deeper than that, until recently. I’ve started going back to church, reading self-help books and finance books and all the books I’ve read are saying the same things

“Get your spiritual house in order girl!”

I needed to learn to be still within myself and listen to my inner being. I talk a good game about faith but I didn’t have any..when the slightest things go wrong I HAD a tendency to crumble and allow any issue to take over my day and my happiness. I’ve been the biggest obstacle in following my dreams (self sabotage is a mofo.) This week I put “Faith” into action. I had some situations that threatened my budget..when you threaten my budget you threaten me! Jk jk no I have always had a fractured relationship with money. If situations obstructed the flow of my money I would lash out! Cry just focus on “I can’t do this because I don’t have X amount of money” ugh it’s sad that I lived so confined and crushed the thoughts of money..anyways I remembered a book my sister told me about

I decided to re-read it and apply it AND the spiritual planner because I needed it. I was in a position where I needed to be strong in my faith not focus on my financial anxiety and push forward in my business so that’s why I did this week! I woke up each day and I prayed, I meditated, did yoga I really implemented the planner from Preete Kumar and I participated in her group and at night I would read “Your a bad ass at making money” This week was all about mantras and less about gaining followers. I took time to be intuitive and hone my skills. I found some events to attend in my field I was sooo excited to find this free event in my email! I learned about Freelance blogging and when I say I applied for everything this week.. I applied for so many freelance jobs my eyes hurt from staring at the screen…not to mention I have NEVER! Submitted my writing for any kind of job so it was the most exciting and nervous wrecking moments of my life

I keep submitting and submitting and I kept getting RAIDIO SILENCE.. until I finally got a NO!!!

Oh it was the most beautiful no I have ever seen! It meant at someone at least looked at my little emails, sheesh! I also found a mentor!

I joined this app…like Tinder for writers/influencers/creatives to find mentors and collaboration well to my surprise people started reaching out to me😬 it was emotionally overwhelming because I never believed in my own abilities as writer. I felt funny even calling myself a writer until Wednesday of this week. This man was a published writer and he said I WAS A WRITER TOO! I felt unstoppable. I had someone in the field I’m dying to make my mark in compliment and read my work. I think I cried a good 10 minutes after this email. This email was really the paycheck I have been waiting for my whole life. I’ve loved writing since I could write. It’s just in me. (If you’ve ever been in a group with me… I comment ESSAYS when I’m into a topic🤣) I was validated by a writer. Fast forward a little past Thursday because I was all pumped about a brunch meeting with “The Temecula bad ass businesswomen” (btw I was there woman of the week”)

The have a Wine date event for Thursday the 19th and my goofy excited self was ready a whole week to early I posted about my excited and everything 🤣🤣🤣 I was super prepared for that wine date! You can tell I don’t get out much so I was home and checking emails and

SOMEONE WANTED ME TO FILL OUT A FORMAL APPLICATION! Faith is real. The universe (God) is real and listens when you stop focusing positive energy on negative situations you thrive! I drove home happy! My favorite tunes started popping up on my iTunes

I felt just beyond thrilled to even have the chance to be WRITING FOR MONEY…like this is for real I can be home with my family and writing..For a living. (I’m crying at the thought..happy tears) This is happening and it’s all from prayer, hard work, tremendously supportive friends and family and spiritual guidance..this morning at 0400 I had a “clarity call” with Preete Kumar

I was pretty pumped to be talking to her! I love her group and her Planner was changing my life so any advice she was offerin…I was ready like a sponge and BAM she hit me out the gate with:

“What’s your business strategy”

Ummmm I gave a little generic answer (which is why I got told No! I need to get more colorful when I describe myself in my cover letter apparently my cover letter is WHACK SAUCE… anyways!) she gave me real homework to do for my business and my soul…She is so amazing at what she does and I immediately booked another clarity call…if she could SNATCH my spiritual mess in shape via Facebook, Instagram and conference call from the other side of the world.. SHE👏🏾IS👏🏾THE👏🏾TRUTH! she is so engaging and helpful and real! I’ve never had a mentor or a spiritual advisor…but thanks to my blog and this career I’m creating for myself I do now. I also landed my first hosting job

Your energy, faith, and work ethic will give you the desires of your heart. I read in “you are a bad ass at making money” that

“worrying is praying for stuff you don’t want”

That sentence changed the game for me. I’m praying for success in my career I have no time to worry about negativity. This has been the best month of my entire life career wise because I feel in control of my future.

Thank you for your support!

I’m also getting super close to my goal of 1k followers on Instagram…it’s been a great month!

I’mso grateful.


  1. Loved your post! I’m also a mom to two and on April 23rd my blog will be one month old! We have such very similar page views I was shocked–our “best day ever” is only off by one! Anyway, all that to say I feel like I totally understand where you are coming from and I am SUPER impressed that you have been applying for writing gigs. I need to look into that!


  2. Congratulations on your 1 monthaversary!
    You’ve done so many great things already, can’t wait to see what’s next 🙂

    April x


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