#relationshipgoals: Never skip date night!

For the first time in my life I’m in a healthy relationship. A relationship where we communicate openly and honestly and we truly best friends. I’ve never had a man be so attentive, nurturing and caring towards me. Chris and I have been together 3 years. 3 wonderful, fun, vibrant years. Now I know what many of you are thinking “Girlbye! 3 years ain’t no time” but these have been the happiest years of my life and I attribute that success and the health and success of our relationship to DATE NIGHTS!

Chris and I were both single parents when we met. He had 3 children from previous relationships and I had a child from a previous relationship…we were a super dysfunctional Brady Bunch and then..bam we got pregnant!

Chris was in the navy stationed on an island 4 hours away from me. I worked full time and mom’d full time so when Chris and I did get time to date we made the most of. After our daughter was born, there was a strain on our emotional intimacy….physical intimacy was never an issue but our emotional connection changed. I felt like a diary cow, that he would have sex with 🤷🏾‍♀️I mean I was breastfeeding and trying to be super mom AND have sex. Needless to say I wasn’t feeling sexy. Not like I did when we first started dating. One night I broke down to Chris and told him how I felt, that I missed going out on dates.With a new baby, two full time jobs. We just kept saying “there’s no time” but once it got to point it was causing me to emotionally lash out at him. Something had to change. enter DATE NIGHT!For us date night is Wednesday, that’s the night my oldest daughter spends the night at her grandmas and goes to bible class. So Chris and I put the baby to sleep early and we do whatever we want! Sometimes we sit on the patio and watch the moon. Sometimes we exchange letters we’re written to each other during the week. One time I tagged Chris in a post. A man had built a pub in the backyard for his wife and sent the children away so they could have a night alone. I came home after that post to find this Chris built a tent in the living room for date night so we could watch anime. I was so touched by the time and effort he put into making me social media wish come to life.

During the week leading up to date night Chris and I court each other. Tag each other on social media, send steamy photos 🤭🤗😉, write notes and leave them in each other’s pockets. These small touches are free and open new lines and communication. I learned things I never knew just sitting with Chris listening to why his favorite songs are his favorite songs. The courting aspect of date night have brought a closeness between us that I’ve never experienced with another human.

Date night evolved from being one Wednesday to twice a week. I would get text Chris during the day that I was having a rough day and I’d get a text back #datenight? That one phrase alone incites joy inside me. We take turns planning date night. If we’re home and it’s my night I’ll pick his favorite meal, wear his favorite outfit, we watch his favorite anime’s and just vibe. We don’t always stay home. We are huge movie buffs and when we have don’t little Christy we alternate who picks the movies (he learned the definition of “Rom-com” from dating me) I’m a very subtle date night planner. Chris is very elaborate plan for your best friends to kidnap you, buy you VEGAN EDIBLES kind of date night guy

The most elaborate date night was my Chris kept telling me to pack a bag, and then said drop the girls off and come home. When I came home I found this

This was our first anniversary and push present. Chris took me to see my favorite UFC fighter Connor Mccgreor in Las Vegas. It was his first time ever taking a woman to Vegas

Vegas brought us closer. It showed me how detailed he is. He had planned this date since my baby shower so I was just on top of the world.

Date nights don’t have to cost an arm and leg for them To feel special. We had the time of our lives going to see Black Panther! It was our second date out as an engaged couple ❤️click here for proposal video❤️so we had to show out.

#wakandaforever. Date night infuses a quick dose of excitement to your relationship. It gives you a day to look forward to uninterrupted time with your partner. Another key element to the success of our date night NO PHONES ALLOWED! I’m allowed to take photos but I can’t post them or edit them till after date night is done. Date night is undivided time between Chris and I. so NO phones. Just us. That has been so helpful. We have bonded more since we set a time to unplug and tap in to each other. I advise and recommend every relationship take time to make a date night! Pick a night! Get excited! Flirt…SEXTTTTT! Yasss SEXT! Keep it spicy! I guarantee if you flirt all week leading up to date night..SPARKS WILL FLY🤗 plan the date. Plan what you want to wear, plan your hair. Have him do the same, passion breeds passion! Don’t wish for #relationshipgoals…create them within your own relationship. If you spend time falling in love with your mate each day and expressing that love you don’t have much time for anything else.

Have a beautiful day! Thanks for reading.

Comment below what you think date night? Do you have a date night and has it helped your relationship?


  1. Im happy for you love… i on the other hand have been married for 11 years and thinking about divorce we havent been on a date for idk how long now. Sex is just that sex just to please himself and very abusive but im just drained and ready to throw in the towel. Atleast seeing this post gives me hope that one day i can be happy. But for now i need some me time on my own. Loved this post


    • Before I met Chris I was in marriage like yours and dreamed about the relationship I have now. I met the man of my dreams in a dirty meme Facebook group girl lol love will find you. I will keep you in my prayers. Love is beautiful and everyone deserves true love. I believe it’s for everyone. Thank you for taking time to read and comment on my post.


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