Instagram growth tip: All hail Queen Kylie

I nearly doubled my instagram following in 5 weeks. I studied and beat the algorithm. I collected thousands of tips, and today I’m going to give you the strangest tip. This strange tip yields the best result. I call this tip.. The Kylie Jenner Effect.

Go to Kylie Jenner’s page and you will see thousands, upon thousands of comments, look carefully into those comments and you’ll see

LB= “Like back”

CB= “Comment back”

FB= “Follow back”

As you can see it did mine this morning. From this tip I get anywhere from 5-10 followers. I then check to see if those followers are in my niche and I follow them back!

(Also when you break the algorithm and do all the things instagram likes.. instagram will reward you by pushing your comment to the top!)

That’s my tip for today try it out and let me know how it turns out for you!


  1. Wait? Im confused- newbie here!! You put “fb, cb or lb “ on a famous persons IG (like Kylie Jenner’s) to get possible followers?
    And what’s up with ppl following you to get you to follow them then they unfollow you?!!


    • No that’s how your get your platform to grow. They might not all stay if they aren’t interested in your niche. Does that make sense? It just gets them to your page it doesn’t make them follow or stay.


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