Instagram growth tip: The Blake Shelton method. “Doin’ what she likes”

I have a weird obsession with Blake Shelton. I don’t know how it happened. I’m not sure when it happened but that 12 foot Country boy with a guitar does it for me🧐..

You may ask well how does Blake Shelton help me grow my instagram? Well for me I think of Instagram as lady😏 A sassy lady in need of much courting. A lady with needs, a demanding lady. In order for Instagram to work you need to remember this Blake Shelton song

In “Doin’ what she likes” Blake describes the task he performs to keep his special happy. Instagram is no different than that lady in that song. Instagram (she) will reward you if you complete all the takes every single post.

When posting be sure to use EVERY FEATURE OFFERED!

1. Always have a killer caption. Content is key

2. TAG PEOPLE.. the more people you tag, the longer your “reach” (the more people see your content) Don’t over do though.. (4-8 is my personal sweet spot)

3. LOCATION IS EVERYTHING! Instagram will reward you for using this feature because it’s a feature many people forget to use altogether, however it’s one of the most important features.

4. Hashtags are sooo important I can’t stress that enough. Instagram loves when you use hashtag. Think of hashtags like concert tickets! You have 30 tickets to give out to your amazing show..pick your audience! I love to hashtag surf in the explore section and discover what hashtags are the top of the day, Instagram likes when you use hashtags as well. That’s the feature it’s most know for when used correctly Instagram is pleased.💅🏿

5…. BE SOCIAL! It’s social media after must interact and engage on Instagram consistently…she knows if your just there for yourself or there to enjoy the platform. “Like” things, comment on things, follow people, share. When you use Instagram as a social tool or business tool Instagram gets soo happy it’s like you’re showing her off to all your friends!

Speaking of features

Instagram really loves it when you use the photo editing tools provided with the app. There’s TONS of new features to discover on Instagram. Take a little time to play are in the tabs and discover what Instagram has got going on..get to know her better..she’s a interesting lady.

When you love her right.. she will reward you and when I say the reward is sweeeet! Oh man. Whenever you comment on your favorite Instagrammers your comments will shoot straight to the top!

If your looking to grow your account being seen is paramount. Being seen on an account with 25k followers is HUGE! (It’s ALMOST like a feature or a shout out!) This will spark interest in your profile and lead to clicks. clicks lead to followers if your profile is ON POINT!

Use this method with every post. Treat Instagram like the beautiful, classy lady she is and in time she will reward you. This tip will boost your engagement rate AND bring you followers IN YOUR NICHE. You’ve targeted them down using hashtags, and location. You’ve opened yourself to broader audience by TAGGING people. If you can’t remember what to do just keep on “Doin’ what she likes”

Have a wonderful day!

(P.s find me on Instagram @batmom8503 and let me know if my Instagram growth tips are working for you.)


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