Brooke has been talking so much in class her teacher emailed me and called my nana..Brooke has straight A’s and done talked her self down to an 84% I’m hotter than fish grease! For one..Brooke is on a transfer! I don’t want her to go to school where I live. TEMECULA has a better school district it’s a privilege for her to attend and she wants to talk..oh no. I know this is probably because she’s board. She’s very intelligent it’s easy to get board but I’m sending her little narrow behind to school to learn I don’t care if she ever socialize at all! I mean I do I’m just pissed! Like I’m in the car typing my thumbs to nubs so I don’t lose it.. she tells me every night I’m done.. I believe her because she’s had straight A’s since Kindergarten… I don’t trust her NO👏🏾MO! I need receipts of complete assignments from now on! Lord JESUS TAKE WHOLE PRE-TEEN.. I can handle the wheel!

Y’all pray for Brooke she finna not have a life!

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