31 days of self love: Day 3

This is loaded question 🤣 I’m notoriously late for things that aren’t business related. It’s so bad my family calls it “Shayla Time” that’s an hour and half after I said I would arrive.. I need to do better. It’s funny family joke but if I’m being real it’s disrespectful of people’s time. Time is something that can’t be replaced. Me not showing up on time is time that person could have spent doing anything else but wait on me! If I can get to work every single day and not be late, and arrive on time gigs for “Batmom85” I can get to my family and friends house on time when they invite me.

I also plan to take more care in detail in the finishing a whole task. Example: I’ll make coffee clean up but leave the filters out…then get mad at myself for leaving them out because I have to clean them up. Just regular adulting I need to have better attention to detail. Things like that seep into the details of your life and your business. I hate to be a business owner with no follow through 😟 sheesh this is something I better get a handle!

This challenge has been eye opening. Just taking small steps in total self care, is huge. Self care is more than just manicures and facial. It’s care of the entire well being of the individual..all the parts even my tardy little soul!

What is a GOOD habit you plan to pick up this month?

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