My life as a brand: My first paid freelance journalism job… ISSA TRAP!

I’ve been on a whirlwind since I hit “Publish” on my first blog post 7 weeks ago! I’ve been published!

I was asked to MC a dance competition where I met the mother of Samantha Runnion and saw brilliant young dancers compete for a $500 cash prize. The dance competition was called “This Valley can dance” The Competition was put on by the Centers Against Sexual Assault (CASA) and was held at Mount San Jacinto Community College.

I got to see my very dear friend from high school running things! Rebecca Cleland and I grew up together and she asked me to MC and I was just thrilled to work with a great friend. I was happy to given such a tremendous opportunity I even got a swag bag! I got to tickets to Diamond Valley arts council to hear some live music, two handmade silver charm bracelets and a Starbucks gift card. I wasn’t expecting anything so it was a shock! My fiancé also attended. I was on cloud 9

My next goal on my list was to get a paid freelance journalist job, I opened my email up on Tuesday and there it was!

I did it! I had a job.. Three articles 2,000 words $15 a piece…think I was just happy to get my first freelance job. I was given the topic of Kanye West. The rapper recently stated slavery was a “choice” I’ve been researching this article and man for two days, watched that 45 minutes interview countless times and I have yet to type this article… that’s going to be two hours there plus adding the photos and links..all for $15…I thinks not. I am going to write this one article because I’ve worked so hard on the content and I want a real editor to read my work and give me feedback but I’m not trying to work this hard for $15! I’m getting less than pennies per word. I mean yeah I get title whoopity dooo but come one now time is important!

I’m not the type to be discouraged, I’ve decided to continue to look for freelance jobs..( and say “No” to jobs that aren’t going to be profitable to me or my time) this was a learning experience. I’m still writing that article. Part of me needs to know what this editor thinks. Plus being published no matter where your name in that sweet google search engine! I apply for 5-10 freelance jobs a day so I’m bound to get another “Yes” I just did what many new writers do jumped at my first job offer. I’m gonna take this $15 publication but I don’t think I’m pumping out two more articles…

What I did do isss… Outline my first ebook:

“Slay the gram: How to double your Instagram following in less than 30 days” amazon gives authors the option to self publish. Yes they do take a percentage of the profits but you still own majority of the rights and even have the option to sell to a publishing house if your work is good enough. Amazon also has scholarships for writers and programs for self publishers. So the experience wasn’t a total trap. I do get experience, my “title” and $15..but I’m sick of looking at Kanye West 🤣🤷🏾‍♀️

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