My life as Brand: The power of Twitter, 50 Blog Post and how Tony Robbins made me cry.

My blog is 7 weeks old today!! I hit 50 blog post this morning!

This Tuesday Batmom85 hit the twitterverse!

I’m still learning the platform, but I’m beginning to totally fall in love. Since I’ve introduced twitter actively into my promotion of my blog I’ve seen my blog sites view nearly triple! Where has this been all my life! Why have I been so afraid to branch out and learn! I always thought it was “a waste of time” but no it’s beautiful!! You can find so many different ways to tweet your blog post and tweets! It’s fast was to get in touch with blogs you really like. I’ve only been doing it a few days but what I’m learning I’m a likin’

I have a goal of reaching 100 followers on my blog it’s just a personal goal I’m chasing this month. Just like with my instagram goal of 1k I have a giveaway to drive engagement. This giveaway involves my mom group friends that can craft! My 1138 follower on instagram has to like a post and follow my blog in order to be considered for the prize there’s some great stuff in the basket.. the items started to come in! The basket includes high quality costume made soaps. Crocheted stuffed animals, T-shirts, magnets this basket has a TON the unicorn arrived his week

It was like Christmas! I’m so honored to be collaborating on such a wonderful project t with my friends. Not only does this drive traffic for drives traffic and business for them. I just want to help my friends businesses thrive. I’ve been able to see progress starting my own business online, growing my brand, and managing my social media so I’ve to teaching my friends to do the same. “HookedBy Micah is an Esty store run by my good friend Micah Peters, she made 5 or 6 of these after collaboration and promotion and I’m so thrilled for her! She’s so talented!! This morning I had a BUSY BUSY DAY! Friday’s is the day I promote and really buckle down and blog, network, create content and apply for jobs. I apply for 5-10 freelance jobs a day. One of them I applied for had a TWO HOUR APPLICATION! PLUS A PERSONALITY TEST! I did the test, it took me to the Tony Robbins website and I discovered that number one..I’m perfectly suited to be a social media manger and me taking this journey to make a living from Social Media is what I’m supposed to be doing! I’m supposed to be creative and it feels so good to finally be doing what I really want. I wake up so happy! I’m eager to work because this is the life I want to be living. I love sharing my life, pictures, advice. I genuinely love and care about my followers. I want to do this for a living so I pour every ounce of energy and effort into getting my blog off the ground, growing my social media and really building a brand and business that can support my family. It’s hard work, but it’s so fun and rewarding!

Did I meant I’m back in college! As a journalism major (tentatively..have to talk to a counselor see if that really where I need to focus) is registered for class starting June 4th 2018! I got a grant, tuition and books paid for. I’m so excited to be taking control of my life and future! I’m excited to each and everyday because I control what I’s MY brand. After that looong application and tearful revelation I went to Starbucks to dream about living in London..I’m an Anglophile annnnd one day I’m going to blog from London I made a vision board about it..I’m telling he universe..mama wants some vegan bangers and mash!

I’ve been studying more and more about manifestation and the laws of attraction My mentor told me to read a new book each week dealing with self I’ve been listening to The secret on audiobook..on YouTube…I’m cheap 🤷🏾‍♀️

I’ve learned so much and I’m so excited for NEXT WEEK! Next week my blog turns 2 months old!!

Tonight I go live on Facebook at 8pm to talk about ALL my blog post of the week and spill #tea and sip wine with my Facebook followers! I love my life so much and I’m so thankful to those that follow me and allow me to live my dream. I truly thank you. I check my stats and analytics Friday and every Friday I’m moved to tears, I have thousands of blog views. I’m choked up typing. Just thank you for following it’s a paycheck for my soul every time I see a new follow, and new page view. This is the life I want I see it happening right before my eyes and I’m so grateful, thankful and blessed.

it’s been a wonderful week,I end Friday by treating myself to coffee. I have a business lunch with my Mentor Cynthia Rice Carroll tomorrow at Noon. My mentor worked for the Carter administration and is the dean of Mira Costa college so I’m soaking up all the knowledge I can tomorrow. Just being in her presence in a honor. If you dream it, pray, work hard…you can be anything you want. I’m proof. Manifest it HUNTY’

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