31 Days of Self love: Day 5

I need to start saying “Yes” to myself. I deny myself everything. I’m THAT mom that budgets everything for the family and has the wardrobe from high school and early college to prove it

Do they still make LEI?? Well as fate would have it prior to this challenge I was out with my nana at Burlington and say these cute outfits. Each of there around $12.99 little cocktail dresses and jumpsuits …(brunch uniforms DARLING in my Lisa Vanderpump voice) My nana says “You should buy that invest at $20 in yourself every week, get a new piece and your business wardrobe will grow, you deserve to wear cute things like that and they aren’t expensive, when you feel good about your appearance your perform better..get it you want it.” I struggled with the purchase. My mind kept flashing..to “GIRL THAT IS GAS! THAT IS GROCERIES! THAT IS ANYTHING PRACTICAL!” It’s weird I have no problem spending $20 on food eating out but I can’t buy myself a dress, or nail polish without feeling extreme guilt. I mean extreme, I have buyers remorse for days it’s unhealthy. It blocks the flow of positive income, and leaves you desperately clinging to money you don’t control anyways.

I’ve been reading “The Secret” and every book I can get my hands on that talk about manifestation and the laws of attraction. In order to manifest positivity you have to be open to it..that means saying “YES” even to the $12.99 jumper from Burlington.

I’m a control freak. I like to have control over everything, my budget, my schedule, my life, everything so that means I say “NO” things more than I say “yes” and you know I’ll be honest….that’s just not a fun way to live! “No” is so limiting and negative. “YES” is word so vibrant and full of positivity and possibilities! “YES” is exciting! I said “Yes” to the jumpsuit last week and I’ve been saying “YES” more often to myself. I took myself to coffee. Listened to what my inner being wanted to do..I had some spare time, and my soul said “Get away from the computer and get yourself some coffee you earned it” before I would have given my inner thoughts a “No, you could be doing anything else with your time instead of drinking coffee.” But my soul need coffee and needed to be outside enjoying the day! It felt good to listen to myself and not deny my wants. I think we as mothers get into the habit of constantly providing NEEDS we forget it’s just as important to provide ourselves with our wants as well….I’m saying “yes”‘to me more often!

What will you say “Yes” to?


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