31 Days of Self Love: Day 7

I’m only about 4’11..ish..maybe anyway I loooooove my legs! For my height I have long legs 🤔don’t question it..I’m only like 57′ inches but I’m 38 inches of LEGGG! Pure Chocolate LEG

As an adult I always wore clothing that accentuated my legs.

I love that I have thick thighs with a thigh gap..my legs are my favorite! They makes skirts happy!

My favorite thing about my personality is..I’m real. I’ve always been the same, blunt, sassy with a big heart. I love that I don’t give up, I’m not afraid to fail and I’m always happy. I know what it’s like to go through loss (both parents) abuse you name it but I don’t let those things define me. My outlook has ALWAYS been tomorrow IS BETTER. It kept me going. This has been an amazing seven days of self love has been so amazing. It’s fun to love yourself! Taking time to verbally compliment yourself is important..it might sound crazy but it’s useful try it! Look in the mirror and tell yourself the things you love..do it for a week see how you feel! This 7 days has been an amazing way to increase confidence and open up.. really eye opening. I’m glad I took this challenge.

You turn! Answer today’s question below🤗

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