31 Days of Self Love: Day 9

I have a habit of wanting to do things people think I should do…prime example: I’m currently following my dreams of being a writer. I love writing! (I mean obviously lol This blog isn’t even two months old and I’ve posted almost 60 post..I just have a lot to say I guess🤷🏾‍♀️) I’ve been an LVN since I had my daughter and the world has been pushing me to get my RN ever since… it’s awful. It makes me feel like they don’t value the education and years I’ve put into being an LVN. No it’s not the top of the nursing totem pole but I put in the time, hours I’m damn good in my nursing career and no ones thought Or queries will take that from me. I’ve trained new grad RN’s to perfection o.r’s with top ranking board certified plastic surgeons, my nursing has taken me to so many places. No I don’t make what RN’s..but that’s not why I became a nurse. In February I decided I wanted to better myself. I was finally going to back to school to get my RN..only because I was having this internal struggle. There had to be more to life than the struggle and always wondering what if. I figured “I get my RN, I’m not that far away and everyone will be proud of me, I’ll finally fulfill everyone’s wishes.” Sure enough the second I announced it everyone was happy..I was too I felt like I was finally taking the steps necessary to have the life I deserved and my family deserved.

That all changed in March when I took the steps to live the life I’ve always wanted. I love writing, I love being creative. Growing up I wrote poems, cut plays, wrote plays, kept journals, blogged, I was in drama, dance, cheerleading, the step team, if there was a way to express myself I would do it. I was told at a young at that those things weren’t a way to make a living…so I bottled my dreams at a young age and did what was safe and made money. I got pregnant while in college, I was a micro-biology major with aspirations of being a Dr. (I’ve always wanted to help people…and be Dr Anderson and look awesome in scrubs like Eric LeSalle on E.R.) I’ve always longed to be creative and cheered on my friends and family that lead artistic lives. I lived through them. I wanted to be them. When there’s something inside you that has to create..it has to create! It’s 0306 in the morning and I’m happy as calm because I’m doing what I love. I recently told my family that I’m still going to school but I’m going to be writer and I’m no longer pursing their dream. I want to follow my dream. My entire life I’ve lived the life that safe, planned, free of failure and just doing what “you’re supposed to.” While I have a very successful LVN career and I’m grateful for it. I love my day job. I have an amazing patient. I work for a fantastic company and really have no complaints there. I’ve just decided to do this journey on my own because I have to follow my dream. I’ve followed everyone else’s dreams for so long, there’s an excitement to following my own dream, creating, writing, LIVING! I have to get rid of the need to please everyone with my life choices. This is MY life. It’s not to late to be a little selfish and lead the life I want. It’s felt so good to invest in myself time wise and discover what I love. It’s been freeing to tell people “I’m a freelance writer and content creator..I get to write about the things I love for a living” I light up when I say. I’m running TWO blogs. I have mentors to guide me. I have a life I only daydreamed about as a nurse. I’m happy. It’s only been two months. I have no clue where this is going but if it never went anywhere and the only success I have are these experiences that’s all I needed. I’ve been hired for jobs, I’ve created jobs for others, I’ve grown my internet presence, learned how to start a blog in a matter of hours..and sooo much more. I wake up excited to plan out my blog post. I’m finding my niche in blogging. I’ve always had an intense love for Fashion but I always thought people would “think” I don’t know anything about fashion..well it hit me..people won’t know unless I tell them…and SHOW THEM. So I started my fashion blog without a second thought. It’s the first time in my life I feel powerful enough to live my own life…the only person you have to please with your life (career choices..future goals..etc) is YOURSELF! If you live a life you please others you won’t be happy, because you’re living their life not your own.

If you’d like to follow my fashion blog “The Frugal Fashionista” it’s about Frugal Fashion finds staying in budget (under $100) and its chronicling my style journey and style evolution. Since having children I’ve let my personal style fall to wayside. In my mind I keep up with the latest trends. When I go to brunch I look cute, but my day to I look like an extra on the set of “Freaks and Geeks” which is ok but I’m starting to get invited to a lot of events and brand is being used a lot. I’m a business owner, mother and wife in my 30’s and my style just needs to mature, but I have to do so piece by piece frugally! I’m clearing out my entire wardrobe and replacing it with vintage pieces, thrift store finds, yard sale treasures. Fashion is just another form of expression and inspiration can be found anywhere! Check out the link and give me and follow The Frugal Fashionista a blog by Batmom85

what’s something you need to get rid??

I can’t wait to hear from you.

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