31 Days of Self Love: Day 11

This is challenging believe it or not…I find it hard to talk about myself..(real talk I’ve been unable to write a cover letter for this very reason) I would just lead with my best qualities I’d say :

Shayla is one of the most positive, smiling little unicorn people you’ll ever meet! She thrives on happiness, warm smiles and belly laughs…don’t let the rainbows and lollipops fool you, Shayla is strong. Strong in her sense of self and strong in her beliefs. She’s tiny but she’s mighty, she won’t take any crap..but she will help you fix your crap in your life and with no judgements, a good heart and honesty. She’s not afraid to be vulnerable, flawed…or human. She sees the fragility of life but relishes in the power of life and all it beauty. Shayla is a black unicorn…you should be her friend🤷🏾‍♀️…she’s also wicked funny and can’t be serious longer than 30-45 minutes so lead with the serious stuff first..or she might crack a joke or 8 at your expense..you just never know what you’re going to get..that’s what makes her fun!

This was a good exercise. This entire challenge has been so eye opening. I try to respond to all the other people I see doing the challenge on my timeline. It’s been remarkable to learn about what others think about themselves. It’s wonderful to connect and learn so much more about your friends and to be able to interact and discuss the same issues. It’s been remarkable.

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