Brooke has been waiting for Rhianna Savagefenty to drop.. she said “mom, I know I don’t have nothing for the bra to hold but that’s not what this is about i wanted to be liberated like RIRI and omg have you seen it?!?”

She had a countdown on her phone….

Brooke: mom so in order for me to order for me to buy the bra.. I need to have a $59 annual membership and the bra look like a forever 21 lace bra and then I have to pay for the bra too so $100 for a bra.. I wanted to support but I can’t! Why do they do this! I waited for days!

Me: it’s outstanding marketing and branding but I’m sad for you as a fan and consumer but if you want the bra you’ll find away around the membership because I’ll be damned if I pay $50 for a membership..riri better text me happy birthday or something! If you want the product you’ll figure it out… you’re smart.

(She googles)

Brooke: there’s a pop up shop in…NEW YORK! Mom I waited in que for an hour last night just to look at the bras and I don’t have titties like I’m discouraged as a fan. Why she didn’t tell people you have to be a member? I saved..well YOU SAVED..and now I can’t get it…that’s shady!

Me: that’s not shady, that’s business you aren’t her target audience. People that can pay the membership are.

Brooke: look my feelings too hurt to be deep mom.

(Life lessons courtesy of Rhianna)

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