31 Days of Self Love: Day 13

Well I’m blogging this on Mother’s Day so I the one thing I like about this selfie is my smile. It’s genuine today. I’m so blessed and grateful for the day I had. I got a Keurig! I always joke and say to live your best life you need a Keurig. I never thought I would own one. God is good.

My family went out of their way to make me smile I truly smiled from the heart. I spent the day just loving and being loved. The universe was sending me sooo just hugs and so much happiness.

I got some journals, I been talking till I’m blue in the face about wanting some new journals and I was about to get up and buy one when my oldest daughter rushed in and gave me just what I needed. It was the best day I’ve ever had.

My youngest daughter said “I love you” Clearly today and melted my whole heart.

I went to church and saw my oldest daughter sing in the choir and it really is like watching your heart outside your body.

I cooked and ate my favorite foods… I’m so grateful for this day and all beautiful experiences I had.

I couldn’t help but smile. So that’s the thing I loved about this selfie my genuine happiness resonating in my smile.

(Also the little baby 🤗🤗 she’s super cute❤️)

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