My Life as a brand: I followed my dreams straight to Carrie Bradshaw.

I’m currently in bed watching “Sex and the City” I couldn’t sleep, so I put the show on for background noise. I was doing a free though manifestation exercise where you’re supposed to write in detail your dream life and make a vision board. Since I was 13 Carrie Bradshaw has been my idol. She was everything I wanted to be. She was a writer, living a fabulous life, writing about her sexual conquests wearing the hottest fashions. She had the life I knew I wanted at 13. That characters life was emblazoned on my brain. May 30 2010 I said in a caption “When I grow up I want to be Carrie Bradshaw” for a photo of my little struggling 27 year old shoe closet.

I tried my best to emulate the outfit from the opening credits. I wanted so desperately to make a living a as a writer…I’ve always loved fashion but I’ve been, well I thought since I don’t dress well..people won’t know about my love for fashion and writing about fashion. I’ve been studying labels and wishing I was Carrie for 20 years and in the 8 weeks I’ve made the steps to turn writing in some fashion into my career… so I started this blog and opened up so many opportunities one of them lead me to my Mentor Cynthia Rice Carroll. We met Last week and she told me “Find your Niche and find you tribe. invest in your business and yourself, take the time to study those you admire and take the steps necessary to become them. I spent the next day researching how to find my niche.. I narrowed it down to 3 things I could write about the rest of my life:

1. My Family

2. Fashion

3. pop culture

I had never shared with anyone my love of fashion not even my family. I was intimated because Fashion blogging is very crowded niche…so I had to be specific

I started my SECOND blog “The Frugal Fashionista” last Sunday the blog follows my journey evolving my style in my 30’s on a budget. I use my fashion blog to post inspiration, out fit of the day, fashion editorials, I did my very first fashion haul..

I published it the same time I published on this fashion haul mopped the floor with this blog!I literally took a quote from hero and started a blogI pair thrift store finds with high end pieces like Carrie!

I’m a jeans and T-shirt girl but I’ve been going to meeting with some pretty important people. My mentor told me to live the life I wanted so I needed to elevate my style. My mentor told me to follow my dreams so I’ve been having the time of my life learning about fashion blogging. I’ve admired Perez Hilton and Bryan Boy the blogging and pop culture icons for YEARSSSS this week they both “liked” my post on social media

That was like the validation I needed to keep doing what I was doing. I used what I had learned weeks ago about taking photos for Instagram and began to style shoots for my clothing

People began to respond favorably..I told my followers I was exploring my niche and following my dreams of being a fashion bloggerI gained 100 followers in a week following me for BOTH blogs. My mentor told me to stop worrying about growing my account..”you have talent it will won’t have to work at growing true followers will find you when you hone your takes 5 years to have a business that’s producing an income that you can live on so get out there and do what you want and be what you, you want to write an ebook DO IT! People write one a day. You want to be a fashion blogger DO IT!” She was right..I’ve focused on all aspects of business..the blogs is part of my brand. I was scared to start the fashion blog thing because I don’t have lot of high end pieces or clothes that are trendy.. I was purchasing the items for the collaboration gift basket I put together

I’ve been busy.. anyway I met with a tax preparer that taught me how to get my money back for everything I’ve put into my brand..when I learned that was like yassss business lunch!

I’m a Content Creator sooo content that I sell the items used that I photograph I keep the receipts, make an itemized list..I’m the sole proprietor of my business so that’s how I get it back..So the shopping for my blog..comes back as nice little cushion on my taxes..that was incentive enough to go shopping

I went to the thrift store this week and went shopping for my new business casual grown up wardrobe. I took photos to edit for my fashion photography and captions are starting to get me opportunities

I was asked to submit my photos to a magazine I thought it was a scam at first but I researched it like a crazy person and discovered it’s real..I have to submit 8-10 photos and a writing sample😅 this is alll unreal and this all happened to me LAST WEEK!

I’m a fashion writer y’all! I’m living my dream! I made it happen.. well God, the universe hard work made it happen not just me. I put the hours in but there’s a lot more at play the laws of attraction are real. If you put it out there the universe will give you the desire or your heart. I’ve had this dream for 20 years. I mean it’s almost meant to be

My name is has been all on they lips for years!“sex and the city” shayla clip

The Shayla Episode is my favorite and it’s on right’s crazy how life comes full circle. I’m so happy. So grateful. So blessed.

Thank you for following my journey

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