31 Days of Self Love: Day 14

14 DAYYYYYSSS first of all I never stick to anything so I feel like so kind of amazing, wonderful beast of a woman!! I have discipline 😂😂 who knew🤷🏾‍♀️

my younger self would be proud that I did..I became Carrie Bradshaw in my own right and I’m currently discussing attending my first fashion week in San Diego..

I think my young stuff would be proud I followed our dream no matter what. I’m a nurse by day, with two kids and a wonderful gem of a man but every night I wake up from 1am-4am and work on my fashion blog and lifestyle . I network with bloggers in countries that are awake at that time. I read articles to expand my vocabulary and learn the proper terms for garment description. I liked my whole life wanting to live the life of Carrie Bradshaw a fictional character that had the life and fabulousness I dreamed of. I dont’t think it was truly all about the clothing. I loved the fact that she was writer. I loved that she wasn’t beautiful in the conventional sense but she was so glamorous. I loved to have adult conversations and type out my thoughts for the world to read. I wanted to be tres chic and type from an all top. Dance all night with my beat gal pals for research. She was everything I aspired to be since I was 13 years old. Carrie was my escape. In my real life I was grieving in a very formative time in my life but the thought that some day I could be that fabulous. That kept me going.

My young self would be proud of my for wanting more and working to get it. I lost both parents by the time I was 13. So I just wanted a family and to be like Carrie Bradshaw..I did it and young Shayla would think I’m rock star. Young Shayla wanted to give up so many times. I think she’d so proud I didn’t. I would have valued myself more if knew how I’d turn out. I used a quote from Carrie to create my second blog. The Frugal Fashionista as documentation of my style evolution in my 30’s…on a budget! If I’m going to have a fabulous life I’ve got to dress the part so think my young self would be proud I discovered a way to shop and write for a living🤣💅🏿👏🏾🥂

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