31 Days of Self Love: Day 17

When was the last time you indulged yourself and how?

Honestly I just started to invest in myself. I spend so much time making sure that my families needs are met. Bills paid, house cleaned, food cooked, clothing picked out, hair done..you name it I’m involved in it giving it 100% devotion, dedication and detail. I’ve let myself fall aside. I feel so guilty about purchasing things for myself I wear clothes from high school and used to deny myself even a $1 snack because in my mind “that $1 is for my family” I lived holding on to and budgeting every single cent like it’s was the last cent I was every going to make (it wasn’t I just mentally hoard money and don’t like to spend) that saving wasn’t bringing the security that I thought it was..it was actually causing me to anxious. About 3 weeks ago I was out shopping with my nana and told her about my desire to “look like I’m about to go to brunch at any moment.” My nana said

“Girl $20 a week you can build the wardrobe of your dreams piece by piece”

That one phrase prompted me to actually spend money and buy an outfit

My family didn’t suffer from me spending $20 on myself.. so I started investing time in myself as well.

Last Friday I took myself on a date💅🏿 I got myself a Boboa tea ($4) and some spring rolls ($4) and enjoyed my time alone before I had to pick up my kids from school and daycare. I like spending time with myself. $8 isn’t much to pay for a good meal and piece of mind.

Indulging in yourself doesn’t always mean spending money.

Lately I’ve taken time to write a gratitude journal and really have a morning routine. I find setting that little bit of time in the morning (I wake up about an hour before my family to whatever The heck I want to for a solid hour.) That hour of time is mine. I can journal, I can meditate, do yoga,I can pray. I watch “Sex and the City”

I can do whatever I want from 5am-6am it’s my time to indulge in myself. I’ve come to rather enjoy my time along. I enjoy the piece it brings. There was a time I couldn’t stand the thought of being alone for long periods of time. I was truly afraid to be alone and still with my own thoughts. I didn’t have peace inside. Now I can’t wait to spend just a few minutes alone. I can’t wait till this Friday get off work and have my hour to indulge myself again!

What about you when was the last time you indulged yourself ?

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