Brooke is out on a Daddy and Daughter date with her step father. She has wanted to go to La Michoacán in Lake Elsinore for months and they’ve been talking about The Latest Marvel movie for months.. I mean I’ve had to listen to every strange conspiracy theory these two could cook up.. most of them involved Iron Man because they know he’s my favorite 😏

When he sends photos like this..

I fall in love with him all over again. I know I wrote all the time about how blessed I am..but Brooke is blessed too. I’ve dated men that only attempted to get to know my child as a way to get to me. That would work for a while but Brooke is smart and I listened to my child and get feelings. Chris is the only man to ever take the time to be a father to Brooke. She can tell him about the latest eye makeup..He’ll save and take her to sephora to get a peach pallet because she wants to be a make up artist. He’s the first to listen about the boys who call her “uncooked noodle” they’ve come a LOOOONG way. Brooke wasn’t the “I’m just going to like you because you date my mom” No Chris had to really work to get these “Daddy/daughter dates” and I’m so glad he did. Me and Brooke are no picnic. We are a package deal. I’m so glad this man is going to be my husband and Brooke’s dad. She deserves to smile like that. I’m so thankful she will have these dates to look back at when she’s older and see this is what a man is supposed to do, take your ice cream and movie talk about your day😊

CAN IT BE OCTOBER 13 2019 so I can walk down the isle and MARRY THIS MANNNNNN😩😊😍

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