Brooke and I were heading to school and talking about the Royal Wedding:

Me: When I pick you up we’ll head to pick up some pajamas, earl grey tea and stuff to watch the wedding at 0400.

Brooke: YAASSSSSS can I be honest.. I’m sick of Meghan Markle, like I’m happy she’s getting married but I’m sick them acting like she’s a savior for black women because she landed Harry.

Look we saw him in Africa he liked those African women..that look like YOU.. not me. She doesn’t even identify as black. I do. I know I’m mixed but I identify as black and I have not once heard her say “I’m a black woman, she says I’m mixed my mom is black” and it’s just personal to me being mixed like her they keep saying what do black women think… This black women thinks Good for them for finding love but don’t think this is some huge honor for black women. This is good for her and I think the media needs to separate that and stop leading with that.

I feel like Meghan is the blackest girl the queen will allow Harry to marry. Remember when he was twerking with those women in Africa he was about to risk it all, that was a genuine smile..he don’t smile like Meghan…it’s not gonna last mom. He just has to get married because he’s in his 30’s and his brother over there poppin out babies and going bald and he feels the pressure..and he finna hey divorced like his daddy..but I want some new pajamas and support your tea party.

Me: you’re the coolest person I know dude!

Brooke: I’m aware.

Me: I’m just glad Harry has someone now.

Brooke: Not the right someone, but yes someone..I feel like this is platonic, he is too wild and she’s too like polished and put together they look nice together but it looks platonic.

One comment

  1. Brooke called it! It’s not going to last. Not only is she too polished but she seems lil’ bit maybe snobby/fake and he seems really down to earth and kind like his mom that’s in heaven was.


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