31 Days of Self Love: Day 18

In order for me to increase my happiness I need to stop being so quick to anger. I don’t have a middle ground and that’s tough lately. It’s not often but I’ve noticed that I do have a problem with just letting one situation ruin my whole day and then I lash out and normally its at Chris annnnd that’s not fair. I need to check my own attitude to increase my happiness. I’m pretty happy person. I’m just being honest about areas I can improve and that’s one. My anger has been something that I’ve worked really hard to control and for the most it’s controlled but I’ve noticed lately when my anxiety gets out of control there a situation I can’t handle I get anger fast and I need to get a hold of that to improve not only my own happiness but increase the happiness of those around me.

Happiness is an inside job. Like most jobs there’s days it’s easy and there’s days there’s hard. Since I am pretty happy most of the time today I had to dig deep and think about times I’m not happy and well it’s my fault..and typically my anger. So that’s my project to work on, learning to better control that or verbalize why I’m mad, like if it’s a situation..it’s not a person that’s making me angry it’s a situation and I don’t need to lash out about situation I need to learn to problem solve. It’s a process. One that I’m enjoying.

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