31 Days of Self Love: Day 19

I’m making the world a better place by raising daughters to be strong women, who aren’t ashamed of being intelligent or ambitious.

I have two daughters. My oldest Brooklyn is so smart it’s scary and to be honest there nothing I can teach her. She’s been smarter than me book wise for a very long time but what I do is guide her. I think it’s really important to spend quality time, teach her right from wrong. Listen to her. Brooke has a brilliant mind so I’m constantly trying to instill in her the tools to just be a good human. That’s so important. The world just needs genuine good people.

I raise Brooke to talk to the kid at lunch that doesn’t have anyone. I always worked with special needs students, I would bring Brooke with me so she would never treat anyone different. Brooklyn, I started blogging years ago on social media to document Brooke’s thoughts. As I documented I learned this child has the potential to change the world and I didn’t take that likely and I don’t know how. I’m not saying my kid will be president..or a princess ☺️ but she might be a really amazing art teacher, a piano player, a poet I don’t know but whatever she does I’m raising her to be compassionate, empathetic, empowering..not a sheep. I’m raising her to ask questions, be above the status quo, don’t just trust it because it’s in a book find more answers. I’m raising Brooke to be the Change I want to see in the world. I want to see strong women so I’m raising them.i I want my daughters to be Leaders, the big one wants to be a Lawyer (this week🙄) the little one whatever here wild heart desires that’s what she will be.

Just like with Brooke I will teach Christy be what she wants.. but she like Brooke she is teaching me about like and the world. To slow down and enjoy it. The best thing I’ve done to make this world a better place is create these two lives with Infinite possibilities to do what they want. The world is their canvas and I hope they always see it that way.

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