31 Days of Self Love: Day 20

How can I give myself a break today? I actual gave myself a break the whole day. I listened to my body last night took a long bath, put on my diffuser with the lavender essential oils and let my family know that I was going to bed early. I slept the entire night and it’s been weeks since I did that. I was able to wake up refreshed! I allowed myself to be present in each moment. I just had a mental vacation! I did all the things that make me relax so that I’m to my best for tomorrow. I went to church, I cooked dinner, took another bath alone, I danced in my living room while watching the billboard music and just enjoying my family. I let my mind know it’s okay to just do nothing! It’s ok to be silly and free..it Sunday! It’s the last few hours to enjoy my weekend and I did! It was a much needed lazy Sunday and I enjoyed it.

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