31 Days of Self Love: Day 24

“Let’s hang out” I just want friends 🤣 I’m 33 I have tons of internet friends. I reach out to my own friends weekly, but I don’t hang out with anyone. Its lonely. I want to have girlfriends in real life. Not that I don’t appreciate my internet besties because I do, but I would love for my friends to come to my house and just watch a movie. I’ve invited them countless times and for whatever reason things fall through. I’ve actually given up 😂 I think I’m just regulated to a life of only interacting with women my age at birthday parties I get invited to for kids..because the friend thing just isn’t happening in real life. I have to force my poor fiancé to watch “Sex and the city” with me and all the other girly things I want to do..he just does them with me because..I have no friends. I wonder if this is a working mom problem? I mean I have associates, childhood friends that I’ve actually made more attempts to reach out to but nothing ever happens. Is this just part of being an adult? You just wish you had some friends? Or do I just bust out and go make some? I mean if I can pull a lifestyle blog and influencer career out of thin air.. I should be able to make a friend. My fiancé.. that guy brings a new friend over every few months.. Me..we’ve had the house for a year and not one friend has come over. I’m going to change that! I’m going to make me a friend by the end of the year. I’m tired of feeling like this. It’s time I do something about it. Wow I didn’t even know that was bothering me like that 🤣🤣

Welp can’t wait to see what question i have tomorrow 🤗

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