A night out with Batmom85: “The Apparition Room” Temecula, Ca

Last night I had the pleasure of being hosted by “The Apparition Room” a hidden speak easy located inside the “Devilicious Eatery” in Old Town Temecula California.

I had heard rumors there was a speakeasy in Temecula but I couldn’t find..

when I say it’s hidden you literally have to ask for “The Apparition Room” when you arrive.

Next they open a secret door and your are transported…When you step inside it’s dark, swanky.

You feel like you’ve gone into time capsule!

I honestly didn’t know where to look first!

This place is like a vacation for your eyes.

My guides for the evening were Adam and Mo.Adam was the bar back easy going, attentive he gave excellent service.

As soon as I arrived I checked out the menu..

The cost of a night at “The Apparition Room” in Temecula

The prices are mid-range this is place to go when you’re feeling grown and sexy. ($30-$50 night if you’re single just looking for a fun new adventure in Temecula)

This is the place you go for an overall experience not just a quick drink.

Mo said the place is best experienced with a drink in your hand..so I picked ” The Mistress”.. Made with Artisan gin, matcha green tea, lime, a hint of blue berry it’s sounded so delicious I had to have it!I felt real, real fancy…Mo’ the bartender explained “We try our best to give the costumer a really great experience, if you notice there’s no windows, no doors, you’re closed off and we bring into have a good time. Good environment, good drinks. The drinks are made with pristine spirits, we acquire ingredients from local vendors. When we use lavender they’re from the farmers markets.”I was sold. I took my drink and decided to have a look around. As I looked Mo’ told me “All the pictures that are family portraits, those are actual photos of the owners family.”I loved that! It gives a real feeling and connection to the bar.The pieces in the bar were stunning. You feel like you’ve gone back into the 1920’s!The furniture the smell.. the ambiance really elevated the bar and made it more than a bar. Its truly and experience.The decorations conjured immediate Gatsby vibes.I sat down to take more photos and to listen to the bartenders interact and try to get some good photos of Mo the bartender but he’s very fast! Super entertaining and knowledgeable..the man is like a whiskey Wikipedia!

More than a bar “The Apparition Room” is an experience

Mo’ the bartender took time with ever costumer I learned so much about whiskey..

for example Scotch has to be from Scotland to be called scotch..and there’s different “Bites” and “Tones” to scotch..all I knew about scotch was how to drink it🤷🏾‍♀️ now I know “scotch is whiskey, whiskey is scotch” Mo’ also said “We like to get costumers to try things they aren’t used to tying, you won’t see the typical “Bar” drinks here We don’t have a “bottom” shelf our bottoms shelf just hold up good liquor!” I have never experienced a cocktail of that caliber.

It was so delicious these aren’t you Grandma’s cocktails these are for the grown and sexy!

The Apparition Room doesn’t have a “Happy Hour” they have a cocktail time from 2-5pm Saturday and Sunday where they have selected cocktails for $10… they had me at $10 cocktails 🤷🏾‍♀️ I live there now 🤣

All in all I had a wonderful time being hosted by The Apparition Room and I would recommend this establishment to anyone asking “what is there to do in Temecula?” I asked Mo what makes this place so special in his opinion and what would he say to get old tired workin stiffs like me out to the bar….”your kids Disneyland…You have us!”He’s right this place is Adult Disneyland…with wayyy better drinks😊Check them out online at www.apparitionroom.com

Or stop in for a visit 28693 Old Town Temecula ca #104

or on instagram @apparition_room

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