31 Days of Self Love:Day 28

I have 3 role modelsPerez Hilton… I mean he’s blogger royalty and the reason I do this is the first place. I had a xanga page and I used to pretend I was Perez back in the day. This man started this whole social media, gossip girl, spill the tea, drama celebrity obsessive culture at his height he had 8 MILLION views in 24..that’s unreal! That’s just crazy! He’s a pot stirring genius! I started out really into his site but then I became enamored with his life and his career. He’s overcome tremendous obstacles to be where he is today. He started out controversial drawing lewd doodles on those he hated. He was sued, at one point his site was taken down. Through all that he never backed down over changed his point of view of anyone! I admire that! Not only that he’s a self made millionaire. Perez was an influencer before it was a thing and I emulated that. I still do to this day! He’s my inspiration. Thanks to social media and the fact that he interacts with his fan base since I’ve started blogging and growing my social media I’ve had several social media interactions with my hero

I also admire his longevity..no matter the platform you can find Perez! His reach is insane! He’s grown as his audience has grown he’s matured, he’s battled obesity

He shows me that you can grow and remain relevant, he’s literally my muse just shows you not be afraid of whoever, stand up in what you believe in regardless of who’s coming for you and that blogging is a career! It can lead to so many opportunities. So everyday I try to be like Perez

Next is BEYONCÉ!

Mom-wife-Queen! I love that she obsessed about every detail of her image and business. I love that she practices for 12 hours even though she’s Beyoncé! I admire drive and dedication. She always longevity. She doesn’t let anyone dictate how she’s going to be seen or represented, she maintains control of all aspects of her career. She’s just a boss that’s what I like about her, not so much the music, the work ethic, the drive, the woman.


Kobe Bryant.. I actually got a job because of Kobe Bryant. Kobe Strives to be the best. The manager of the Beverly Hills plastic surgery facility I worked in asked “why do need you” I told them “I want to the best, I want to be the Kobe Bryant of nursing I will strive for perfection and beyond that.” I’ve studied Kobe for years. He wakes up to shoot 500 baskets a day.. even though he’s Kobe Bryant and now that he’s retired he’s moved onto other avenues in life shows me that you don’t have to be one thing. If you’re Kobe Bryant you can win an Oscar for a poem. Nothing is outside of your scope of practice figuratively..

These people are my hero’s because they don’t give up despite having plenty of people that dislike them or discourage them..they thrive. They last and outlast all the doubters. They work hard and they’re successful so I try to be those things as well.

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