My life as a brand:How PEREZ HILTON increased my twitter engagement by 10 FOLD!

On May 4th I decided to start a Twitter that was specifically for my blog:

Like every social media platform I love to take my time and study the platform. I study ways to use social media to increase blog traffic..but I feel into a gossip hole following my idol Perez Hilton 🤣

I follow Perez on every social media platform, I was previously unaware of the fact he literally responds to every tweet! If you tag Perez he will like your tweet.. if your content is good he will retweet it… that got me thinking 🤔 why don’t I use my content creator skills and create a high quality piece of content for Perez to share. I discovered Perez Hilton had a podcast so I started listening to the podcast.. “Binge Listening” I tagged Perez Hilton and his Co-Host Chris Booker in a tweet. I also placed my limited edition Micheal Kors Handbag, roses in a mason jar.. I set up an Instagram photo shoot in my car in hopes it would get noticed. In Perez’s podcast he mentioned that he needed his listeners to promote his podcast:

Monday He saw the tweet and retweeted the tweet:

As a result my engagement went through the roof! I study branding and marketing videos online. Every single video explains that networking and brand collaborations are the sure fire wise to 1: increase your impression and engagement and 2: one you up to a larger audience!

Perez Hilton at his height of success was reaching up to 8 million page views every 24 hours.. Perez broke he internet before there was the term “break the internet” he’s my hero. The fact that my hero was sharing the tweets I was writing. Prompted me to think more about content and form a plan to collaborate some how with idol.. 8 figured if he retweeted on my handbag.. he would definitely retweet’s Content I created promoting his podcast:

Tuesday I tweeted I was going to start a movement #getperezontv2017. Perez COMMENTED!

From that comment I decided I was going to run with this hashtag, contact my friend Tori Major owner of Paisley Prints and see if she could make me a shirt.

I screenshot this and replied to Perez:

From their I began promoting the hashtag #getperezontv2018 and gathering the support of my mom group friends!

I then made a post on Instagram and tagged Perez. In the post I explained that I’ve emulated him and his career for as long as I can remember. I also explained I’m doing this to understand the nuances of social media marketing. Not only am I creating content for PEREZ HILTON. I’m fostering a relationship with the biggest blogger of all time. That’s something money can’t buy.

You can buy followers, but you can’t buy a celebrity follow, from your favorite celebrity (I’m still shaking just looking at it)

Blogging and building a brand are very time consuming task. I’m not going to pretend like this is all easy. It’s not. I work 40 hours a week as nurse. I’m a mom, I’m about to be a wife (I’m planning a wedding) but I also had this dream of being a writer and living my life online. I could no longer ignore my dreams. I could no longer ignore my true desire to be a creative entrepreneur. Once I let get of my own mental limitations of what I could do.. I excelled. On my vision board (just search Perez Hilton in my blog..I truly admire him I write about him constantly.) on my vision my goal was “A follow from Perez” I’ve worked for almost a year, building my social media platforms. Building my self confidence. I’ve had desire to do these things along time but social anxiety disorder kept me ever even attempting to try anything outside of my normal. My normal wasn’t paying enough! I saw these blogging to get rich things and at first that’s what I wanted, but I had worked so hard to build my audience I didn’t want to ruin what I built. I took time to find my niche. Once again I took a page from Perez and started my fashion blog The Frugal Fashionista (Perez has a fashion blog Coco Perez) I learned you can have more than one niche if you’re producing quality content..(but you will be tired.. each blog is like a job, you starting over building an audience again) I’m no strange to building audiences I grew my fitness group from 412 to 4K in one year. I promoted fiercely on Facebook and even in Fitbit groups. I held giveaways with cash prizes from my own pocket. I held meet and greets. I really took my time and cultivated my relationship with these women. My fitness group is a no sales group that’s basically a support group for women of all fitness levels who need accountability and motivation. These women have shared my post and I’ve heard there stories and many of them have followed me in my Journey to live online as a career. It’s been so amazing. This grass roots of women WHO I HAVE NEVER MET. Are willing to help me chase these wild dreams. That’s why networking matters! It truly is who you know, what you know and how your market yourself. One retweet increased my following by 25% and increased my blog traffic!

This week in social media has been a dream come true for my brand. I’m not sure where this is all going but I’m just thrilled for the ride.

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