Batmom Gets married: Tulle, Bridesmaids and Trumpets OH my!

I’m getting married 10/13/2019!!! To my best friend in the whole world! CHRISANTHONY PARKER!!

He proposed on Christmas, we went and saw the movie “The greatest showman” I sobbed the whole time because the movie reminded me of Chris. That man will do anything to make me Smile and keep me happy. The way P.T Barnum was portrayed to love his wife in the movie. Chris makes me feel like I ran away and joined the circus. He’s so so funny, weird, animated he’s so alive. I’ve never met a person more positive of alive. He makes me feel like I’m flying

The theme of our wedding is “the Greatest showman: Run away and join our circus” we are going to Las Vegas with our friends and family and getting married at Circus Circus!! We have been married and this is the first time we both have family support. This is the first time I’ve wanted my friends and family involved. I love this man with every fiber of my being and I just want to celebrate our love in Vegas. I don’t care about the wedding… I just care about getting married to my best friend, celebrating with my friends and family that FINALLY I GET MY HAPPILY EVER AFTER. I’ve been through soooo much in my life. I’ve lost both parents, been married more times than I care to list, I get made fun of for my failed marriage but I was young and I wanted someone to love me, but I didn’t even love me or have any idea of what love really was. I knew what love looked like in movies and on tv and I tried to recreate that. This time God put this man in my life. This man changed my life for the better. I saw this dress in February

I fell in love and made an appointment June 2nd to come in with my bridesmaids and just have that moment like in the movies where your bridesmaids fawn over dresses and drink Champagne, cry about dresses etc.. that didn’t happen as planned. Two of my bridesmaids live in Northern California, one had to work, one was a baby shower and I was in tears listening to “The Greatest Showman” soundtrack

I was crying because 1.. every girl wants their friends there I’m just not the bridezilla type to text every day about my wedding. I work and started two blogs full time, I didn’t get to be like “Hey guys this is my thing” but I did let them know WAY a head of time so partly I hurt because I want to matter without having to bug people to be there for me. I’ve done that my whole life. I’m done forcing people, where you want to be is where you are. So I cried and I let those emotions out so I could carry on with my day. My best friend from Middle school Ashley was in the dress store when I got there and my heart felt good, she drove an hour to come help me and that meant so much to me.. I was so happy to see my friend AND HER NEW BABY! It was just so nice to see my friend as a mom. It was just so nice to see my friend. So we started with This:

two pieces gold top and white at the bottom I didn’t like it because

I’m super self conscious about my stretch marks and I’d be like trying to cover them the whole time, but I did like the way it fit and the flow of the skirt. NEXT!!

This dress to me screams VEGAS! I love the way it hugged my little body and gave me alllllll the curves. I also keep in mind I want to walk around Vegas drinking etc to me this would be the perfect dress.. to my family it was tacky but maybe a choice for the reception 🤣 Brooke said she will protest my wedding if I pick this dress

Some how I believe her…

Christy was Christy

I think she may have had more fun than any of us! She was tackling the dresses like she was football player!

The last dress was the one I was there to have them see in the first place

This is actually a prom dress🤓😂 I’m 4’10 or 11… and I have no torso lol so I want a sleeveless ball gown and I want a pink dress. In the movie Zendaya’s character had this pink hair, she looked so whimsical and beautiful. When she was flying through the air in the movie I gasped the first time I saw her.

That’s the feeling I want guest to have when they see my dress. I loved the last dress. It’s super light there’s no hoop and it’s only $899! I’m only wearing this dress once.. I don’t want to get to crazy so my budget is $500-1000 we still have to live AFTER the wedding so the wedding is only $5k we are not ballers.. we are normal people getting married🤷🏾‍♀️ I love that this dress is so heavily detailed. I live a lot of drama and this dress is DRAMA! So it’s my favorite but I just can say if she’s the one. I didn’t get butterflies or nothing! So the quest continues. I don’t have another bridesmaids even for a while. I want to do a brunch or something get everyone together to meet. It’s just hard but I had such a wonderful time. Having my childhood bestie made my full circle week come truly full circle. I used to sit on the swings at the elementary school with Ashley and we would plan our lives.. I was going to have my masters at 27 marry Kobe Bryant and have 4 sons with K names. Ashley wanted to go to college get married and have a baby.. she got her wishes! I’m so proud of that.. me I’m happy my life didn’t turn out the way I planned. This journey has be soooo amazing. I had a blast.

Next event: Bridesmaid Brunch🤗 over the summer!

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