#lifewithbrooke: “This taste like gentrification”

Yesterday after I went bridesmaids dress shopping I was starving Brooke and I stopped at juice bar and Brooke noticed something:

Brooke: Mama this place is the hood Mexican juice stores!

Mama I get to “La Michoacána” in lake Elsinore its got them chili mango drinks! They just white washed it and charged more!but it’s cool we finna flex for the Gram

But come on.. we just paid $20 for fruit!

This fruit taste like GENTRIFICATION!

Me: Gentrification taste good don’t it!!

Brooke: yes.. but this last time we come buy this high juice. We can go to La Michoacána and buy 98 gallons for watermelon juice has juiced by an abuelita! That’s how I like my fresh fruit juice! I like it fresh from some like Mexican ladies!

They think they slick mama sellin artisan hood Mexican fruit water! I’m outraged!!! I’m outraged! But I’m hungry and this is convenient! They also don’t have lavender coconut water at The those one places but that’s all they have that’s different!

Me: Well enjoy your cup of gentrification and we will go home🤣🤣

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