5 Goal Setting Tips

A new month means NEW GOALS!!! I love Setting new goals. Goals are very important when starting a new business, running a family, beginning a fitness journey. It’s important to have goals. Wether their professional or business goals having a Goal helps to keep you motivated and focused toward the task at hand. These are the 5 tips I use to help keep my family, business and myself running smoothly.

By picking one or two goals at a time you make it easier to reach a goal. Pick a goal that is attainable, realistic and something you know that you will strive for. My goal this month is to obtain 100 blog subscribers. So I’m going to pour my energy that into that specific goal. Many people make the mistake of writing down waaaaay to many goals and that can just be overwhelming for your brain to see. Try writing down two goals and the steps you plan to take to achieve them. This helps to get your brain focused on the task at at hand. I know it may sound crazy.. but you goal down all over the place!The more repetitive you are with you goal, the more you lock your goal into you long term memory. Whenever I have a goal I make a list. I pin the list all over my house I like to see what I’m working for it motivate me. When I get to cross it off, I feel accomplished and ready to take on the next task! Also the act of physically crossing a task of the list is like a high five for you self confidence. My calendar’s have calendars😂

I have a separate calendar for my blog: I write down my ideas for content, the day I want to post them. I write down which hashtags worked, which didn’t etc..but I keep this calendar just for the blog. Staying separate and organized are crucial especially if you run a family AND a business.

Organization is the key to success. If you fail to plan your day.. you just fail 🤷🏾‍♀️ if I don’t have my calendars I feel like I’m flying blind. I’m aware there’s calendars in your phone.. My brain seems to seal things in a little better when I physically put pen to paper. As I said before repetition of your goal helps to lock that goal into your long term memory.

Share! SHARE! SHARE YOUR GOAL! This works for two reasons 1: If you tell people your goal you are less likely to give up on your goal. You want to see it through because you don’t want to look like a failure. Fear or failure is HUGE! BIGLY.. why not channel that fear and use it as way TO NOT FAIL! Stating your goal out loud is another way to imprint that goal on your brain! You get that goal out of your mouth and into the universe! Words are powerful. Once you hear your own voice saying your goal for the first time, it becomes real. It’s no longer just a wish, just a thought.. it’s a GOAL! It’s a idea with potential! It’s a wish with intent! It’s Amazing and it’s YOURS!!Reward yourself for the entire process of the journey!

When you work toward reaching your goal you learn something new. My personal goal for this month is 100 blog subscribers and 200 twitter followers. I really take my content creation seriously so I’m studying ways to increase blog traffic, I’m taking classes to improve my writing as well as studying ways to increase the quality of my photographs. Everyone has goals however it’s the process and each step of the way that builds character and gives experience. The best part about having a goal is taking the actions necessary to see your goal come to fruition. I order to succeed and cross that goal off the list you have to step outside of your comfort zone. You have to do things you have never done to get that goal accomplished! There’s no better feeling the celebration you have within yourself for accomplishing a goal. Even accomplishing part of the goal is a cause of celebration. I found that small celebrations kept me motivated and reminded me how far I had come. The further along I got on my journey to complete my goal the harder it was to quit when I became discouraged. I had a total of 50 twitter followers last Sunday when I made the goal of 200 followers. I didn’t give myself an unrealistic deadline I just stated the goal to the universe and myself, put in the work to organically grow my account and the results have been astonishing.

Like everything in like Setting and accomplishing goals will only work if you have fun along the way and you’re grateful for the journey!

Enjoy the journey and I hope you accomplish alll your goals. Comment below to tell me your June goals.

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  1. Hi Shayla, thank you for this great post!
    I like setting goals for myself for whatever occasions: New years, new months, often new weeks, every “freshstart” is an occasion to push myself further and grow in any way I want. I like how you stated your goals to the universe (Adept of ‘The Secret’ I believe? 🤔) and put your whole mind and body to work toward reaching that goal. That’s really inspiring and all of advices will be useful! Oh, and you just made yourself a new subscriber on your way to 100 😉 Have a nice day ☀️


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