Christy Amelia Parker is 2 years old.

Since the day she was born.. Christy was drama! I had a headache and was planning to come home, make some tacos and have a movie marathon with my oldest child, that headache just wouldn’t go away so I went to the E.R and BAM my nana and Brooke dawned scrubs to get that baby OUT!

A BABY! I had pre-eclampsia and I didn’t know my b/p was 175/110… I wasn’t ready😂 Chris and I didn’t have the crib up.. but I loved this baby.

I breastfed Christy, I remember thinking “My boob is gonna crush that kid.. Christy would wrap her whole body around the boob.

Christy has always been tiny dynamo. She’s two but she’s pretty much the same size as when she was one

But Christy is so full of personality. Always has been from her many faces

To her dancing

Christy is just sooo full of life!

Christy loves water.. so for her second birthday we took her to the water park

Christy’s brother and sisters came up (I have 3 bonus babies and we all work hard to make sure the siblings spend their birthdays together)

the kids ate pizza and played till they told us “We’re Tired”🤗🤗🤗 (SCORE!!!)

Next we took Christy to this place in the mall called “Bark Boutique” they have pure bred puppies you can pet so we let Christy pick out a dog and we all got some 4 legged snuggles.

Chris also found Love 🙄😂😂😂

Christy truly is a blessing. Each day Christy gives us a reason to laugh

She is just a character she loves to love

She forced this family to relearn ways to love. Christy made this family smile again. This Little’s laugh and zest for life is unlike anything I have ever seen. Christy is LIFE

She’s so fun and unapologetic about who she is 😂 SHE’S CHRISTY

She’s my firecracker I thank God for blessing me with this super nova of a human. I don’t know what Christy Amelia parker will be, I know she’s must colorful little something I’ve ever met. Spunkiest little thing on this earth and sasssy

I cant get enough of this little girl, I can’t believe it’s only been two years, I feel like my heart designed this being and I’m grateful and thankful to be this little bugs mom. She truly enjoyed her second bday.

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