Batmom goes to school: Week 1

I have successfully completed my first week of class!!!!!!

Let me tell you it wasn’t all smiles! and I earned that drannnk!!!! The first night I have SEVERAL anxiety attacks in the class I looked at the syllabus

And read the requirements for our first essay

And mentally I gave up. I started prepping my mind for failure and literally gave myself every excuse to quit.. First excuse was the class was 5 hours long! FIVVVEEE HOUUURSSSSS, I work 8 hours a day so already I was like NOPE! HELL NOPE! But I kept reminding myself that I need this class if I want to improve as a writer. I also need this class to further my future. I’m too close to finally completing MY life goal. I’m also making friends!… well I sit Next to Tiffany Mundo

We’ve been friends since high school but this class has shown me how smart and hilarious she is. The first night we arrived we were honestly BOTH so excited to be away from our 2 year olds and around “Normal people” well I say “normal” because our class has some interesting characters (im using photos to kind of give you a ball park idea)

Right in front of us is “Make up Artist” I have no idea what this child’s name is but she always manages to let us she’s a “Make up artist” no matter what we are talking about she bust out “that relates to me because I’m a make up artist” she sounds like every valley girl ever and I love hearing what she says but in my mind I already know she’s going to cap it off with “because I’m a make up artist.” Her make up is on point though! I will say that

Behind us we have a cast or characters that I crack jokes about and Tiffany tries to muffle her laughter and be a good person buttt she sits next to me🤷🏾‍♀️ I mean somethings never change I’m snarky and a class clown😂 so in the back we have this man from Nigeria sweet man… but me and Tiffany can’t understand him… not in a bad way. His accent is just very thick and but no matter what he says the TEACHER ALWAYS UNDERSTANDS HIM…

Then we have wordy emo woman. I like her tho she just has alll of the words to say about every topic

And dude that looks like he’s in Mumford and son.. he never know what we talking about he just repeats the last thing the teach says and the teach straight buys it😂😂😂

The teacher is Mr Pappas, he’s Greek. He tells us every class. He also like slips these tiny details of his life into every lesson but the detail be so juicy like “yeah I know Bob Dylan” and ” speak mandarin” he also tells off color jokes went to Berkeley and I’m sure he’s hippie like me so I’m digging this class he’s literally the most interest man in the world with a cool European Shoulder bag

He’s really good at keeping us engaged we got to watch the movie “Fearless” the first night. It relates to our first essay about thinking prior to action or just simply acting based on emotion. We have to do a lot of thought expansion and alt of thinking outside of our own mental boxes. I started the class anxious and doubting myself as writer. I still have doubts. I’m very insecure about writing. I think I’m too juvenile. I want to be more prolific and spout off long rambling descriptions and leave my readers salivating for y next word! I want to be that kind of writer. I think this class will bring that out of me. I turn in my first essay Wednesday night. He said that’s the easiest essay we have. We basically get to B.S the first one… I’m sooo about that life!!! My next essay I’m currently plotting is have to trace the journey of music as form of social and political protest…. THIS WAS MADE FOR MEEEEE! I love music! I love the 60’s I’m going to start with “Strange Fruit” and work my way to “what’s going on?” By Marvin Gaye and finish with “Say it loud, I’m black and I’m proud.” Like my Afro is ready for my oral presentation! I can’t wait! I mean I can because there’s a power point and the essay is 2250 words so I’m starting it probably tomorrow night since it’s due the 27… with a whole power point and 10 minute oral presentation… that’s a LOT but I’m looking forward to it. These are topics I enjoy and I’m meeting new people and thinking in a new way… schools not scary after all. I’m just going to take it a class at time and keep my thoughts focused on why I’m here. I’m on 5 classes away from transferring to a u.c or state school as a broadcast journalist. I need this. I can’t give up on myself. I’ve given countless hours to this blog and life dream. I can’t let my fear/ anxiety and self doubt rob me of anymore joy. This is my time. I deserve this. I’m going to do my best and show up every week. I’m loving this.


  1. This is such a positive post, I can see your genuine passion and excitement and I love it! Good luck with your class, it sounds like you’re really giving it your all and I’m sure you’re going to ace it!

    Cait |


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