My life as a blogger: 3 month update

It’s been 3 months since I purchased this book:

“A lifestyle bloggers guide to your first week of blogging” By Marina De Giovanni (Marina’s book) the book was a step by step guide on how to start a blog. The book cost me $5.60 and to this day it’s the best $5.60 I’ve ever spent. The book gives you a week to set up the blog. I read the book in one day and started my blog THAT DAY! I’ve had this dream since I can remember I just didn’t know the steps. Once I knew the steps I was determined for my blog to be seen! The book introduces you to the world blogging. What people don’t understand blogging encompasses so much. In 3 months I’ve M-C’d a dance competition:

I was giving this opportunity from a good friend of mine Rebecca Cleland. She and I had been friends in high school and roommates after reconnected through Facebook, she supported my meal prep business (I sell vegan meal prepped meals to people in my community..that funds the blog.. blogs aren’t free🤷🏾‍♀️ domain names that are owned look more professional so I got out there got my catering license and food handlers card and started a business to bring an extra stream of income into my house. That stream purchased this blog🤗) Becca knew I had theater background, and was afraid to be on a stage short notice, she also knew that I had a blog was starting out in social media influencing and content creation. Becca wanted to support a friends business and gave me my first job. That job gave me confidence. I was back on stage. I hadn’t been on a stage in nearly a decade but I felt at home. It was further proof I was taking a step in the right direction. This blog was already giving me a life I dreamed of. My own. For 33 years I’ve done what’s safe and ignored my artist and creative side. I’m a nurse by day, I’m a mom, I’m going to be a wife, but I love to share my life online! I love blogging. In order to sustain yourself full time as blogger there’s a lot of reaching out, the first month that’s what I did! I reached out to every entrepreneur looking for a Brand ambassador.

I got loads of sponsors my first month and learned about brand affiliate links! I landed an amazing opportunity with a local boutique called Zingari Boutique not only do I get a discount, shoppers get a discount when they mention me. The best part about this job is the boutique is local!

I can stop by whenever I want. I reached out to the owner and explained I’m a blogger. At the time I didn’t have a following on Instagram, I barely even had blog followers but I had confidence in my dream. I through my self into learning everything you need to know to make a living as blogger and I apply that every single day.

I learned right away in to learn my craft. Blogging is essentially photo journalism. you’re taking your readers on a journey of life through your eyes. So I learned about photography and photo editing so I could bring better photos to my post.

Learning photo editing and watching videos about photography terminally actually helped get more involved in moments and being in the right spot to see the right moment to bring to your readers. I also learned about NETWORKING! Blogging and content creation is a business. I’m in a lot of mom groups. A lot of these women are stay home moms with side businesses. I’m a working mom with a side business and I know it’s hard to drive traffic. One of my mom group friends posted a picture of unicorn she crotchet for her Etsy shop

So I contacted Micah and a few other mom friends I know to see if they wanted to collaborate and do a give away.

I purchased an item for each of these small business owners. I wanted to support my friends and give away a cool box to those who had been following me I reached out these women and they were excited to network and give a gift to deserving follower. In order to drive traffic to blog I had to grow my social media presence. So I took time and began the journey of growing my instagram to 1k followers. I achieved that goal in one months time by consistently posting high quality photos, networkingI also broke the algorithm using tips I learned like this on about KYLIE JENNER (Kylie Jenner instagram growth tip) a lot of my time has really been spent studying

And putting myself out there

I studied this video for days Blog sponsorship and just went for it! I reached out to my favorite brands and had fun

These last three months I’ve stepped out and showed the world who I amI documented this journey and learned I live in amazing town some cool places to visit

I also learned if you have dream, no matter how crazy it is you should follow it. I’ve admired Perez Hilton my whole life. I’ve followed him, grown up reading his blog and pretending I was him. Through learning content creation, blogging and social media marketing. I got Perez’s attention with a tweet

That tweet lead him to Instagram, where he enjoyed my content and gave me a FOLLOW

That was one of the best I had blogging. MY MENTAL MENTOR WAS FOLLOWING ME!

My real life mentor Cynthia Rice Carroll

Told me to “Find my niche, find my tribe and make a business plan” I listened to her because I was all over the place with the marketing etc I I just needed to focus on creating content when I first started I was a lot more driven by numbers and trying to make money, but Mrs Cynthia really got me to focus and learn my craft, learn more about blogging and content creation and be the best I can at that the opportunity will com if you have the content and it was like the world opened up! I started my second blog:

I had this love of fashion. I view fashion as art, everyday you wake up is chance to be whatever character you decide that day. I created my fashion blog as an outlet. A learned I love taking photos of clothing. I love all the aspects involved in fashion blogging

I learned so much on this journey I started a Facebook group(Batmom social media marketing) to teach other women to do what I’ve done

On Friday I had a meeting at 1909 in Temecula. They will be sponsoring some of my summer post

At the meeting my daughter was there with agenda and just helping keep my appointments straight after the meeting I offered her a summer job as my assistant. Helping on my blog at, holding things at meetings. Brooke likes to give me brands to pitch to so she can get the free merchandise if it’s offered. I love that my child now knows that this is career choice. My daughter will know she can start several businesses from her phone, all she needs is hustle and heart. I’m so proud of this blog and all I’ve learned. I don’t know where this is taking me but I know I’m building the foundation for an amazing future. 3 years from now I’ll look at back at this post and be proud. There’s no limit to anything. If you work hard you can achieve ANYTHING YOU WANT… I’m proof. I’m friends with Perez Hilton and talk to bloggers all over the world everyday

I took the steps and created a fun little twitter campaign to get Perez Hilton on tv (#getperezontv2018) my T-shirt I ordered for that content arrived

This shirt is truly a gift. My friend Tori Major owns Paisley Prints. I can come to her with an idea for a shirt and $22.50 and she makes it happen. I knew about the front but I didn’t know she put my handles on the back

I was so moved. I’m so grateful to be able to create content, write, start a business run my family and go back to school

God is good. This life is blessing I’m so happy with these last three months of my life. I’m made friends. I’ve reconnected with so many people. I’ve opened up and shared my truth and I’ve been accepted. It’s been amazing. I thank each of you for reading,following me and supporting me. Stay tuned for more! There’s sooooo much more to come!


  1. Wow! So proud of your accomplishments. A few months ago when you first mentioned your goal I knew you were serious about achieving it and heres the proof. Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing your continued growth and getting your shine on. 🤗


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