Yesterday we went to the second week of the Temecula Concert Series. We met up with Tiffany Mundo and Her family and cute little son Alijah

Christy loves men. To Christy Alijah was tiny man..with food so she stayed there for a while

Alijah was really into the music and tried to get Christy to clap along.

So she ran away Christy can not be CONTAINED! he tried to hold her hand, she was like nope she ran to her dad

Alijah followed I think he tried to explain

“Sir I work out.. my mother carries a multitude of snacks right over there.”

“I’m simply trying to get her to have a good time, eat some snacks, hold my hand and CLAP for the entertainment.. that’s all sir and she RAN!”

Not sure what happened next I’m not fluent in toddler 🤷🏾‍♀️ but Christy ran again

Then Alijah went to the park… and the saga ended 😫 will they play again??? Is this the end of Christy and Alijah?? Stay tuned for the next


(They we’re so adorable!! They just chased each other and when Christy noticed Alijah wasn’t chasing her.. she’s not ok that too cute! I’m loving summer 2018


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