Big Chop…or nah: confused ramblings of a 4c sista

I started this blog 3 months ago… and for 3 months I guess I’ve neglected my hair 😅 I left my braids in tooo long.

These braids were meant to be a protective style but I didn’t moisturize and left them in annnnd the back broke off so I text my Nana’s beautician in tears 😭

Well I was pretty dead set on a big chop.. all my friends have done it..

Well Kokoa did it and I was just SHOOOK! But I’m having second thoughts

I did my puff today and I kinda just want to treat the damage.. but I still want to start over and really grow healthy hair. 4c requires sooo much care. Maybe I’ll get get it blown out and ends clipped and just wear wraps and grow it healthy. Maybe I need to take a journey regrowing my hair. I can’t believe I left my braids in too long.. i kept redoing the front and not the back and it got weak.. it kinda looks like a sick cat.. it’s just patchy but I can still make a ponytail.. it’s hard to part with your hair once it finally makes a majestic puff 😩😩😩😭 ugh I need advice…

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