#getperezontv2018 UPDATE!

It’s been about 3 weeks since I sent the tweet that got over 73k impressions

And got Perez to follow me on Instagram 🤗 I had shirts custom made with the hashtag #getperszontv2018

My friend Tori Major (owner of Paisley Prints on Facebook) surprised me and put my social media handles on the back.

I was over the moon! And it just so happened to arrive on a Wednesday.. Perez releases new podcast EVERY WEDNESDAY! It was like the universe wanted me to be uber happy and listen to Perez in my Perez shirt! It was a great day!

Anyway back to Perez! I stalk him regularly and he made a YouTube Vlog about being jealous of perceived super mom Jennifer Garner. In the video seen here

Perez Hilton/ Jennifer Garner video Perez feels jealously because he doesn’t have the free time during the week to just take his kids for ice cream or to the zoo because he’s a working parent. Working parent life is tough. It was so relatable to me. I’m a working mom and I see my stay at home mom posting pictures out on Tuesday or Wednesday and it stings because I can’t do that till Saturday or Sunday. I know that pain all too well working parent guilt is REAL so I slid in his DM’s! Hey even celebrities need know it’s ok and what they are going through is normal 🤷🏾‍♀️I said some words of encouragement, and he replied back

Perez is honestly such a good celebrity when it comes to his fans. He responds, he engages he’s just truly top notch when it comes to his fans. It’s refreshing! He commented on my blogs 3 month anniversary post and I cried!

He’s my Beyoncé!when I’m having a bad day I just check Perez’s sites and he instant lot perks me up and I get all the latest gossip! When it was announced that Perez would be hosting at CHIPPENDALES 👉🏾 Perez to host Chippendales 😱😱 I pretty much died!!

Vegas is 4 hours away! I could totally road trip and go see my Beyoncé! I honestly could careless about the beefcake on stage… I’m just want to meet Perez 😂😂 it’s also be announced that Perez was picked up by a digital social media talent agency… I feel like that’s one step closer to TV!!! I get all excited when I see new opportunities come to good people. I love that Perez has matured.. he’s on his grown and sexy business mogul phase and I’m here for it!!

I’m trying to convince my bestie to go on road trip and get my road trip funds up! I’m excited to see what happens next🤗🤗🤗

Stay Tuned for more #perezontv2018!

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