My life as a brand: Pitch Perfect REJECTION and Beautycon

It’s been 3 months since I began my life as brand. I began actively building my social media platforms, started a blog and made the decision to be a social media entrepreneur full time. It’s been a wild ride!

I doubled my instagram following in the first 5 weeks (started with 532 I’m currently at 1305)

My Twitter is 1 month old:

Twitter has been such a wonderful place for me! The blogging community on Twitter is so supportive. There’s so many accounts that strictly retweet blogs that use their hashtags. I’ve grown so much on twitter from networking at least 30 minutes a day on the platform. I share my links on follow trains. I read new blogs and ENGAGE with the other bloggers it’s truly been phenomenal the organic growth that I’ve experienced from Twitter. Twitter is jam currently! That’s where the love is so I love, love love what Twitter has done for my brand. I recommend anyone who is a blogger to build their twitter account for networking purposes.

I hit 100 BLOG SUBSCRIBERS!! It took me 3 months and 1 week to achieve this. I have never worked so hard for a goal in my life! I spent hours studying YouTube to learn to write more engaging post. I joined groups, I stepped out of all of my comfort zones to start this blog. I don’t have a computer. I don’t a camera. I have a tablet, an iPhone and WiFi, I took the opportunity to educate myself, I’ve implemented what I’ve learned and I’ve grown. I’m so grateful for this journey! I’m also grateful to each and every follower that helped me and has encouraged me. I share these “my life as blog post” to encourage others and show others. This is do able! I have every excuse in the world to not do what I’m doing, I work full time, have TWO kids, a fiancé. (I’m also taking a writing class at the local community college to improve my writing skills so my blogs can be better.)

I know 100 isn’t a large number but I analyze every number and watch this blog grow like a baby. The blog is the cornerstone of my brand. However I’ve spent a lot time lately perfecting my brand exposure. I’ve linked my brand with THE PEREZ HILTON!(Perez Hilton Batmom85 update) I watched several videos that explained brand collaboration is phenomenal tool for growth. I’m obsessed with studying. Once I had 1000 followers on my Facebook and Instagram I began to study YouTube videos regarding sponsorship! I watched and used an email template inspired by Latasha James Latasha James Sponsorship template

The videos were successful! I got my first sponsorship!! 👉🏾“Night out with Batmom85” granted it was only free drinks 🤷🏾‍♀️ I’m grateful, I reached out to my favorite restaurant using a cold email and was accepted! I’m grateful for the drinks but I wanted to learn more extensively about approaching branded for sponsorship so I dove back into YOUTUBE!

I discovered Jade Darmawangsa!

Jade is a YouTuber that teaches social Media entrepreneur how to grow! She uploads videos every day! This particularly day I searched sponsorship so I watched jades amazing video How to approach brands for sponsorship

Not only are her videos OUTSTANDING! She engages with her fans!

This week persistence also PAID OFF! I had been reaching out to the brand “Deuces 22” a cannabis company owned by Laker great JOHN SALLEY

I reached out to his company in March when I first began blogging. He an I were both starting out at the same time. I often write about the normalization of cannabis for medicinal purposes on my instagram. I create content and express my views (I live in a legal state it’s cool🤷🏾‍♀️)

(Yep I shot and edited that🤗❤️🤗) when I first I reached out I didn’t get a response for month. That week I finally got a response

That response followed another response a few days later!!!

I also got response from another brand I reached out to in MARCH (after every email, I follow up no-weekly with new stats. I’m not pushy just show new Content I’ve created that’s relevant to the brand and show new results) The company “SmartGames USA” makes educational toddler toys I sent another cold email seeing if they work with bloggers and they accepted my daughter as a brand ambassador!

I would say that’s a pretty good week for my brand! Not only do I get get guest blog post opportunity with Laker great John Salley my youngest got some free toys! Persistence truly pays off. Letting brands know that your growing and still use their products or that you create content they can use is key to brand growth!

I also got REJECTED by a brand for sponsorship:

That rejection made me feel good! At least someone READ my email! I had the courage to reach out to a HUGE brand. I couldn’t do that 3 months ago. So the rejection didn’t really bother me🤷🏾‍♀️ it did motivate me to learn more and grow.

Friday morning I started my day in my car office listening to YouTube videos and answering emails

My daughter and I are heading to BEAUTYCON

I’M soooo Excited I get to bond with my daughter and I’m going to use the opportunity to network and approach beauty brands… trouble is I’M TERRIFIED I have to watch videos to gain confidence. I found videos by Estela Estermera

She’s a beauty influencer/ business coach that teachers entrepreneurs to approach brands at events and get on p.r list. One video I found extremely useful was this How to approach brands as a beauty influencer this video taught me so much! I learned I should bring an updated media kit and business cards! I just learned so much AND she spoke about the law of attraction, and manifestation all the things I always talk about! I was so moved I reached out to her and thank her for her content! She RESPONDED

I also learned she has a podcast on iTunes 😱

This podcast was packed with so much information! It has been a wonderful ride! I’m starting to get the hang of this. I really love my life as brand. I write these so people know. My story isn’t special. I just have drive and a dream that won’t die. You’re never to old, too broke or too anything. I woke up in March and wanted to make a living being myself and I’m more than on my way to doing so. All it takes is you!


  1. A massive well done to you.
    Just the thing I needed to keep me going, it’s crazy because even though we’re not meant to its difficult not to compare our progress to other bloggers.
    After reading this, I will compare in a positive way and I will adopt your work ethic and blogger mindset.
    I love nothing more then writing and hoping it reaches someone that needs it, but it’s clear I need to go the extra mile!
    Thank you for writing this

    Liked by 1 person

    • Awwwwww omg thank you for reading! I love your blog I think you’re going in a great direction lol I think it’s natural to compare but it helped me stop comparing and to learn it’s been a great experience I’ve loved it all!

      Liked by 1 person

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